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Bulldogs are prone to many diseases, and one of the most common occurrences is an eye infection. This blog will be of great help if you are looking for details about a common bulldog eye infection.

The seven most common bulldog eye infections are corneal ulcers, entropion, cherry eye, dry eye, and ectropion.

When I first brought Fluffy home, there was not much I knew about dogs. My research about the bulldogs started with Fluffy’s first eye infection.

After years of companionship with Fluffy, I have educated myself about all the common bulldog eye infection.

This blog covers the comprehensive research done by me over the years. I have compiled this list to find all the possible information about common bulldog eye infection in one place.

So without much wait, let us quickly check out seven common bulldog eye infections.

7 Most Common Bulldog Eye Infection

Corneal Ulcers

CORNEAL ULCERS Internal image

Corneal ulcers are one of the most genuine eye issues that any dog can insight, and French bulldogs specifically are in danger for them. Ulcerative keratitis is the clinical term for corneal ulcers.

Update to: They are staggeringly difficult and require genuine veterinarian care as the inability to get convenient treatment can bring about visual impairment or losing an eye.

A bulldog with a corneal ulcer will, in all probability, attempt to mitigate his agony by scouring the influenced eye with his paw or on the rug. He may close his eyes firmly, and he may have eye release.

These are also one of the most common bulldog eye infection.

One common reason for corneal ulcers is an eye injury, which might be the consequence of scouring, a feline scratch, or contact with a sharp item. Corneal ulcers are also ordinarily brought about by substance consumption that happens when a bulldog gets soap or disinfectant in his eyes.

Bulldog proprietors must play it safe to shield their bulldogs’ eyes from cleanser presentation during washing. Different reasons for corneal ulcers incorporate untreated, dry eye, contamination, and infection.



The two words that best portray this eyelid issue are ABSOLUTE TORTURE. Entropion is a hereditary issue that will hit your bulldog unexpectedly, and bulldogs with sagging eyelids are bound to experience the ill effects of this difficult and bothering condition.

Entropion happens when the eyelid rolls internal toward the eye, and afterward, the eyelashes scratch the eye each time your bulldog squints. Whenever left untreated, entropion can cause eye scarring, contamination, and visual impairment.

The main signs that your bulldog is experiencing entropion are tearing, eye scouring, ragged looking eyes, or potentially a smooth cloud that creates over part or the entirety of the eye.

To treat your bulldog for entropion, your vet will perform a medical procedure in which he eliminates the difficult eyelashes.

Fortunately, the medical procedure is quite often fruitful the first run through, and after the medical procedure, your bulldog will have the option to squint easily without torment. Your vet may recommend some steroid eye drops after a medical procedure to help lessen expansion.

Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is presumably the most widely recognized bulldog eye issue, and it normally just happens

in youthful dogs. If you see a red, disturbed mass of beefy tissue distending from within the corner of either of your bully’s eyes, your dog may have a cherry eye.

Cherry eye is a condition including the prolapsed organ of your bulldog’s third eyelid. Other potential manifestations incorporate excessive tearing, release, or depleting from the eye.

Cherry eye is likely brought about by soft connective tissue, eye injury, or joking around.

Fortunately, cherry eye is normally not agonizing, and it’s never dangerous. The awful news is that if the cherry eye isn’t dealt with appropriately, it can prompt more genuine eye difficulties.

Further Details

Cherry eye isn’t a crisis; however, it ought to be treated as quickly as time permits to diminish your bully’s danger for future issues.

Some bulldog proprietors endeavor to treat cherry eye at home by rubbing the jutting organ once again into the right spot, yet an accomplished veterinarian is your most ideal choice for effectively settling cherry eye. Vets have two treatment alternatives for cherry eye.

One is to stitch the organ once again into the right spot, and the other is to eliminate the organ carefully.

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Dry Eye

The clinical term for dry eye is keratoconjunctivitis or KCS, and the term implies aggravation of the cornea and encompassing tissues from drying. That is only an extravagant method of saying that your dog doesn’t make enough tears.

Dry Eyes are a common bulldog eye infection. On the off chance that your bulldog isn’t making enough tears, his body will attempt to repay by making thick, yellow, or green bodily fluid that will release from his eyes.

You may likewise see your bulldog squinting, unnecessarily flickering, or holding his eyes shut. Your bully’s eyes might be red and bothered, and your bulldog might be in torment.

Dry eye most ordinarily happens in moderately aged or more established bulldogs. It normally influences the two eyes; however, one eye may seem, by all accounts, to be more terrible than the other.

The dry eye might be the consequence of cherry eye expulsion; it might be an inherent imperfection or brought about by illness or prescription.

Further Details

There is no remedy for dry eye, and if it is left untreated, it could bring about the loss of typical eye capacities.

The dry eye board is every day, lifetime responsibility, and it includes the utilization of eye drops or balm.

A portion of the eye drugs is utilized to animate tear creation, while others are utilized to give grease to the eye. The dry eye treatment consistently requires a veterinarian, and any deviation from the treatment convention can prompt perpetual eye harm.



Ectropion is another eye issue related to the hereditary quality of sagging eyelids, and it normally influences the two eyes.

Bulldogs under one year old enough are the most widely recognized casualties of this disease, and they build up the issue when their lower eyelids droop or roll outward.

The issue with ectropion is that it causes the sensitive tissues that line the lower eyelids’ internal surface and spread the eyeball to get uncovered.

The drying of tissues with ectropion can cause pinkeye, corneal aggravation, and corneal ulcers, which are all difficult.

Corneal irritation and corneal ulcers can prompt scarring, which can cause perpetual vision misfortune.

Further Details

On the off chance that your bulldog has ectropion, you will see a serious listing of his base eyelids, and you will likely observe a thick, foul release along within the base eyelids.

Your bully’s eyes may seem red or swollen, and your bulldog may paw at his eyes. You may likewise see tearing from within corners of your bully’s eyes, and the tearing will cause earthy colored stains under his eyes.

Similarly, as with all bulldog eye conditions, ectropion requires treatment from a vet. On the off chance that your bully’s ectropion isn’t extreme, you will treat it with greasing up eye drops or balm, just as anti-infection eye drops.

Shockingly, the most pessimistic scenarios of ectropion require medical procedures to address the sagging eyelids. Most ectropion instances can be effectively treated; however, your bulldog may require eye drops for as long as he can remember.


Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis as your vet may call it, is an irritating aggravation of the tissue that covers the eye. Pinkeye additionally happens in people, and bulldogs can create pinkeye at any age. Eye aggravation, sensitivities, or a more genuine eye infection can cause pinkeye.

Eye redness, puffy eyelids, and wiry eye release are a portion of the indications of pinkeye. Different side effects incorporate watery eyes, squinting, eyelids that remain together, and pawing at the eyes.

Even though pinkeye is frequently not genuine, you have to immediately take your bulldog to the vet if he builds up any of these indications on the off chance that he has a more hazardous eye issue. Most instances of pinkeye are mended effectively and rapidly by sedated eye drops.

For fluffy, I use Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash. It is very effective in relieving pink eye and other common bulldog eye infection.

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Tear Stains

Tear stains are generally recognizable on light shaded or vigorously wrinkled dogs, and they are a typical issue in bulldogs. They are common bulldog eye infections amongst bulldogs.

The reason for tears stains is basic; it’s the flooding of tears from your bully’s eyes. Generally, the main issue with tear stains is that they look terrible; however, they can be more inconvenient.

In some cases, the steady dampness related to tear stains can turn into a good place for microorganisms and yeast. In different cases, tear stains may show that your bulldog has a genuine eye issue obstructing, arousing, or contaminating his tear pipes.

On the off chance that you notice that your bully’s eyes are irritated or touchy or that his tear stains have a nasty smell, you should take him to the vet to check whether the stains are more than a vital issue.

In solid bulldogs, treating tear stains might be an aspect of your typical consideration schedule, and it includes two stages. It would help if you cleaned the tear stains.

However, you likewise need to figure out what’s causing them with the goal that you can treat the wellspring of the issue. You can use TropiClean SPA Tear Stain Remover. It brightens their coat and removes the stains.

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