Best 6 Dog Tooth Brush For Your Bulldog

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What is the Best Dog Tooth Brush?

Only some happy-go-lucky dogs like to have their teeth brushed. Most of them feel irritated or give a tough time to the owner.

According to a certified veterinary dentist, periodontal diseases are among the most famous common health problems in dogs.

You can imagine what would happen if we go for ten days without brushing.

The same thing is with dogs. They are no different. Like humans, dogs also get plaque and tartar, which can lead to severe oral issues like infections if left untreated.

And indeed, you don’t want your dog to go through painful surgeries, and anesthesias don’t you?

According to an expert, there are several ways in which you can introduce your dog to brushing.

Give a treat to your dog after a tooth brush; this will make a good dog tooth brush experience. And if brushing doesn’t go successful, then there are alternative options like dental chews, kibble, and cleansing wipes.

These are some methods that work as alternatives for a dog tooth brush and protect them against plaque and Tartar.

Almost more than 80% of the dogs have dental issues by the age of 3. This is said to be one of the most extensive illnesses in bulldogs.

Best 6 Dog Tooth Brush For Your Bulldog INTIMG

Compared to a regular human tooth brush, a dog tooth brush comes in three different kinds. They are as follows.

Regular Tooth Brush

A regular tooth brush works precisely the way an ordinary human tooth brush does, but a dog tooth brush is softer. They have soft bristles that won’t harm your Bulldog’s fragile gums. Regular toothbrushes for bulldogs are acute in shape so they can slip in quickly, and you can brush appropriately without a hassle. This is to keep in mind that it never uses a human brush for dogs. Dog tooth brush are designed for canine teeth, and their shape can only fit dogs.

Dual Head Tooth Brush

This tooth brush contains two heads, both at the end of the handle. One side of the head is more comprehensive, making it perfect for Bulldog with large teeth. In comparison, the second head has small blisters for bulldogs with small teeth. Both do the same work but work both for large and small teeth at the same time. So the hassle to buy two different brushes won’t be your concern if you have a dual-head tooth brush.

Finger Tooth Brush

As the same says it all, the finger shape tooth brush is easy to use. Just put the finger tooth brush on your finger and work your way in your Bulldog’s teeth. This tooth brush is specially designed for dogs with big teeth. The finger toothbrush can easily fit in the mouth and find its way to cleaning. Not just finger tooth brushes work correctly to clean the dirt or food particles stuck in between the teeth. The experts highly recommend this, but be gentle while brushing, don’t overdo it.

Dog Tooth Brush Formulated

Dog Tooth Brush Formulated INTIMG

 One of the critical factors you should consider while getting a Dog tooth brush is its formulation.

Don’t fall for a regular human brush just because both human and dog tooth brush do the same work doesn’t mean they are made up of the same formula.

A dog tooth brush is designed especially for dogs. Their shape and bristles are not for human use.

Therefore, you should always make sure you are buying the right tooth brush for your dog, keeping his teeth size in mind.

Size and Length of Dog Tooth Brush Matters

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just buy a random toothbrush for your Bulldog.

Check for the sizes of toothbrushes available in the market, but check your Bulldog’s teeth size before that.

If your Bulldog is big, don’t buy a tooth brush with small bristles. Instead, go for a toothbrush with large bristles.

Meanwhile, if you are a little puppy, then going for a small size toothbrush is a good idea.

Apart from the size of the dog tooth brush, the length of the toothbrush also matters.

This way, you can reach difficult to reach areas for effective cleaning. If you are someone who doesn’t want to put your entire hand in your Bulldog’s mouth, then go for a long handle toothbrush.

A long handle toothbrush will find its way to the unreachable corners of your dog’s teeth.

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The Softness Of Bristles

Another essential factor to cover before proceeding further is ‘bristles.’ Before buying a toothbrush for your Bulldog, look for soft bristles, but the question, what’s the definition of softness?

Well, it should be as smooth as a baby toothbrush or maybe more delicate. After all, using harsh and sharp bristles can only lead to gums bleeding or swelling.

Soft bristles won’t irritate your Bulldog because they usually get irritated and give a real hard time making you brush their teeth.

If soft bristles are used, your dog will enjoy brushing their teeth gently.

Don’t go harsh on your Bulldog as brushing teeth can be a new thing for them, and they will take some time to understand what is going on.

A little irritation is typical, but if they don’t let you put your hand in their mouth, don’t do it forcefully.

Soft bristles are available in both large and small toothbrushes; check before you buy.

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The finger tooth brush of Pet Republique provides a better grip and deep cleaning of your Bulldog’s teeth.

This allows the stupid little food particles stuck between your Bulldog’s teeth to come out quickly.

Not just that, it scrapes away the plaque stuck in the teeth fast.

Since it’s a finger wearable, you can wear it on your finger. This will give an absolute grip on your finger and will make the brushing easy.

Apart from that, the brush is not made up of harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The experts recommend regular brushing; if oral hygiene is not taken care of, it could lead to kidney failure.

Don’t take brushing for granted, use pet Republique once a week, and once your dog starts enjoying brushing, make it a daily habit.

The finger opening is ¾ diameters, so people with small fingers should choose a smaller size.

The Pet Republique brush is made of food-grade materials. The brush’s bristles are tried and tested in the laboratory to avoid any harm to your dog’s gums or teeth.

This finger brush is useful because it does deep cleansing in the teeth chopping off the Tartar and tiny leftover food particles.

The Pet Republique comes in a set of 6, which is good for a year. It can also be used for cats. The design is made for deep brushing.

Made up of chemical-friendly material approved by the FDA.Big enough for smaller dogs or dogs with a smaller mouth.
Have relatively soft bristles.
Provide proper grip with a medium-sized handle for brushing.

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Brushing with a Boshel finger brush is suitable for small bulldogs. It comes with dual-headed brushes.

It is ideal for both big teeth and small teeth or if you have two dogs. It removes the hardened plaque that turns into Tartar later quickly.

It is recommended to use it daily for impeccable results. Don’t worry; there is no harm in using this Boshel Dog Tooth brush daily.

It will only improve the oral health of your Bulldog and make their gums and teeth stronger.

The Boshell Dog tooth Brush pack caters to both small and large bulldogs. If your dog is significant, then use the broad side of the brush with more oversized bristles.

If the Bulldog is little, then go with the smaller side with soft and short bristles.

The pack contains two sets of brushes and a complimentary finger toothbrush, which will help clean the Bulldog’s teeth properly.

ProsConsCan be used for any size of Bulldog.Won’t last long.
Comes with an ergonomic shape.

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If you are looking for a dog tooth brush recommended by dentists and is durable, then Prosense Dental solution is the solution to all your problems.

Prosense helps to reduce the Tartar and plaque that is stuck in your Bulldog’s teeth forever.

The Prosense brand offers various proactive and dental solutions and looks after overall healthcare and oral needs.

Prosense has introduced a new ingredient this time that has more benefits than ever before.

The brand has three pieces in the kit, which eliminates the buildable Tartar and plaque.

It is a dual-head two-sided brush for all kinds of breeds. The Prosense Dental solution kit consists of 3 pieces that ensure dental wellness and solution for your Bulldog’s oral problems.

The three pieces are a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a Dingo Dental Chew. Cleaning those hard to reach areas are of no problem now, this toothbrush is designed to clean the deep edges and corners of the teeth.

Moreover, the toothpaste and Dingo Dental chew is made up of enzymatic formula that gives your dog supplemental vitamins.

This is an added ingredient that does wonders for overall oral hygiene.

Usable for all breeds and sizes.Some dogs don’t like the flavor of Prosense toothpaste (but that might vary).
Proven by a certified dentist, reduces Tartar and plaque.
Comes in a kit of 3 pieces, toothbrush, toothpaste, and dingo dental chew.

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The CET Dog tooth brush is designed only for small breed dogs and dogs with the smallmouth area. The toothbrush comes with one head and has super soft bristles that are gentle on your dog.

However, the downside is the small 6inch handle; it may be difficult for people with chubby hands to hold it firmly.

With that been said, the CET Dog Tooth brush has proven results. They give effective cleaning in no time; you can see the results in one use.

 The CET Dog Tooth brush is simple yet effectively designed for small breed bulldogs.

It does the same job as other toothbrushes do, but the results are better.

The straightforward design yet does the job perfectly.Although the bristles are soft, they aren’t so durable and long-lasting. You might need to change it after some months.
Affordable and pocket friendly.
Comes with super-soft bristles.

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H&H brush comes with more curve designed brush than Pet Republique, not just that H&H is comparatively cheaper.

H&H Pet Professional toothbrush is made of food-grade material and consists of soft bristles that remove the Tartar and plaque playing hide and seek in your Bulldog’s teeth. It comes with a 60 days satisfaction guarantee.

It is made of almost the material as Pet Republique, as mentioned above, and is approved by the FDA.

But H&H bristles are moderately soft and clean the Tatar, plaque, and food particles from the teeth more effectively in less time.

The best feature of the H&H Pet Professional Dog tooth brush is that it’s reusable; the blisters are so soft and long-lasting that they won’t damage after several uses.

This product is beneficial for both dogs and cats. The health and safety are kept in mind while designing this toothbrush; this product won’t harm your Bulldog’s gums or tooth.

This dog tooth brush is suitable for small-sized bulldogs as it has a curvy shape for easy cleaning.

It’s reusable.Long-lasting but need to change it after three months.
Simple and easy to use design.
Effectively remove Tatar and plaque in less time.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Mascota comes in a kit with two dual headed brushes and six finger toothbrushes.

The toothbrush is made up of food-grade silicone, which is chemical-free. They come with a super slim handle, which might work with someone with chubby hands.

That being said, all the brushes work effectively. They have soft bristles and function correctly for both large and small breed bulldogs.

It keeps the teeth clean and white; also remove the extra food particles as the brush is designed to dig into remote areas of the teeth.

The kit is fantastic and is very reasonable.

Comes with six brushes made up of silicon.Super slim handles are not so good with grip.
Long dual headed brush.

Before You Go

When it comes to choosing the right dog tooth brush, you have to be more careful and gentle.

Just like selecting the suitable nail clipper for a dog is a hassle; similarly, getting the right brush is essential for his oral health. Invest some time in research, find out the meeting most suitable for your dog.

At the start, the dog won’t cooperate in brushing, but once they get familiar with the brushing idea, they will allow you to work their way into the mouth.

Not to forget, even if you buy the perfect toothbrush but bought a toothpaste with a harsh taste or smell, your dog won’t let you come closer the next time you reach for a goodnight brush.

The list above is tried and tested and highly recommended by certified dentists.

Still, if your dog gums bleed or swelling on his face, see a vet or a dentist.

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