Best 3 Modern French Bulldog Outfits And The History Of Dressing Your Dogs

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Have you ever wondered when and where the trend of dressing your dogs started before you went to buy some French bulldog outfits or clothes for any dog?

Covering our bodies was a civilizational as well as atmospheric need.

But what about our fluffy friends?

How did they come to be a huge group in the apparel industry?

In this blog, I will answer all these questions. But preceding, let me point to three modern outfits for your pooch.

The French Bulldog: From Vintage Favorites to Modern Friends

You would expect French bulldogs to have origins in France with the word ‘French’ in the name, right?

It is a rational presumption, but it is an incorrect one.

The French Bulldogs were firstborn in England at the end of the 18th century. Breeders crossbred bulldogs with smaller dogs at the Industrial Revolution’s crossroads, making the first variant of French bulldogs.

They were made wonderful companions by their temperament, and they became a favorite pet of many English workers, particularly lace workers in the Nottingham region.

The need for more effective means of producing goods and services became crucially important as England’s population started to rise. An increasing number of citizens, opening the way for the Industrial Revolution, demanded greater quantities of food and supplies.

And during the Revolution, England prospered. Tiny, rural areas became urban factory-studded landscapes, and many more revelations and innovations added to the number of imaginative people living in Georgian England.

With the Revolution’s efficiency in creating secure employment, more wages, and more assets, instead of keeping animals for solely agricultural purposes, workers could keep and care for their pets.

But the Industrial Revolution also forced smaller, gourmet individuals and shops out of business with all of its productivity and machine-based operation.

In the aftermath of the Revolution, those lace-makers who loved their French bulldog companions were out of work and moved to Northern France. With them, some desired canine companions moved.

In France, the appeal of French bulldogs as pets had soared. As pets, the fashionable little dogs were quickly in high demand, and English breeders found themselves in a lively trade sector.

But the English no longer had a fondness for the French, so the dogs were inherited by the French. The dogs were bred into the look that is most often associated with Frenchies in France; big eyes, upstage nose, and big ears.

In the 19th century, Americans traveling to France fell under Frenchie’s influence, and the dog’s prominence in the United States began.

The past of French bulldogs is complex with interesting, unexpected turns, establishing the groundwork for the breed’s success nearly two centuries ago.

French bulldogs will only continue to grow in popularity, from modest beginnings like a toy version of a bulldog to their Instagram-ruling archetypes.

Top Three Modern French Bulldog Outfits

1. SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket

Who is not a fan of denim? Be it pants, shirts, or jackets, denim has always been a staple. Why should your pooch be left out of all the fashion and fun? Trends are not supposed to be limited, after all!

There are various contrasting colors available with the jeans jacket. Be it plaid, gray, or classic black and white. This jacket can even be paired with a plain shirt.

The SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jackets are gentle without scents. The jacket blends with trendy active denim fabric, legs, and head to make your tiny pet stand out among the rest and make your pet famous.

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You don’t have to worry about your lovely dog being too heated even though it’s in scorching summer. Because your pet dissipates heat from their tongue, you can dress them in jeans in any season. The specialty of this fabric is its cooling effects.

Why do you think I would term this one one of the best French bulldog outfits?

Because its basic build is made to give a snuggly fit to small to medium-sized dogs.

Luckily, our Frenchie benefits because of its body structure.

2. Jecikelon Winter Dog Hoodie Sweatshirts with Pockets

With fluffy Sherpa fleece lining, this sweatshirt is ideal for cold weather days, spring, and fall. This super adorable puppy jumpsuit is made of incredibly-chic breathable sweatshirt cotton fabric.

It offers comfortable warmth during the winter. The elastic used on its edge is pet-friendly and does not irritate your French bulldog’s skin.

This fun dog sweater outfit quickly slides on and off and provides a warm and comfortable fit. The outfit also features a hoodie for optimum comfort, as well as a button release. 

Your dog will absolutely adore the Jecikelon Winter Dog Hoodie Sweatshirts with Pockets. At the same time, it will keep them warm and look super adorable!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Whether for lounging or going for a walk in the park, this sweatshirt set is one of the perfect French bulldog outfits.

This one is available in ten color combinations and seven sizes. Other than the English and French bulldogs, this sweatshirt set can fit various other breeds like Chihuahua, German shepherd, Mastiff, and Labrador.

3. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

Kuoser Cozy is one of those exceptionally friendly and adorable winter dog coats. Hence, the dog jacket is a great choice for you if you’d like to keep your dog warm and cozy at all times.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It’s made of polyester fiber of strong quality, making it windproof and waterproof. The jacket is also suitable for wearing in cold weather. This jacket is available in different sizes, from small dogs to medium and large dogs.

The jacket is equipped with thermal insulation that helps keep your dog warm even in the coldest months. The jacket is also fully waterproof, which makes it a perfect option when your dog is out in the rain.

It includes a simple loop & hook locking system that makes the coat very easy to wear and take off. There are also different color choices for the jacket, including blue, brown, red, green, pink, and beige.

This jacket can be worn all by itself and layered, creating classy French bulldog outfits.

The History of Robing our Pooches

Canines have been partners to humans for 12,000 years or more, and it seems that bipeds have been “decorating” the dogs for much of that time.

 A deeper examination of archaeological discoveries, art, and public figures’ diaries throughout history has resulted in many discoveries. 

These studies have shown that dog fashion is not a current craze or a changing trend, contrary to what modern media would like to make you believe. It has always been around for a looooong period.

Dog Collars- First-Ever Accessory


Instinctively, the most prominent dog accessory is the collar. Since before 3100 B.C., collars have been around. It is probably the first piece of ornamentation to be used.

You may claim that a collar is not a fashion object and merely a tool used for control. Still, archaeologists discovered a dog buried with Zhongshan’s King Cuo (pre-dynastic 323-309 BC China) wearing a gold, silver, and turquoise collar.

Seldom “just” a collar and certainly a declaration of elegance and a display of wealth and influence. Dogs wearing them were widely used as iconography on tomb walls and handicrafts such as pottery and ceramics.

Collars and leashes were traditional for dog training at the height of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Basically, collars are Beautiful pieces of art made from leather, with copper, bronze, and gold applied for embellishment.

As far as I can relate, the Egyptians had Dogs as a part of their religion. Anubis, the god of death, had a canine head.

Since dogs have been a part of many cultures’ religious beliefs, adorning them must have been of great importance.

Roman Roots of Dressing Dogs

Going on to ancient Rome, the Molossus, or our mastiffs’ ancestor, was a well-trained dog of war.

With a suit of armor to fit their Roman owners, the most skilled fighting dogs will be equipped.

This appears to be the period of time and region in which the spiked collar emerged. Unlike the hilarious spiked collar you have as a part of your English or French bulldog outfits, they were sharp and lethal.

 They would sometimes only have the whole collection of armor covered in sharp spikes.

European Luxuries Showered on the Pooches

The Royal courts of Europe were the trendsetters of their time. Amusingly, they have a set of stunning collars, jewelry, and coats worn throughout that time.

Documentation has often been seen in very detailed drawings, tapestries, early literature, letters, and diary entries, showing that fashion favored not only a certain ethnicity but also canine attire. And why not? The most faithful of all subjects are dogs, after all.

When it came to caring for their comfort, no cost was spared for Imperial hounds and lap dogs alike. They rested in exquisite beds (often the kings or queens), ate culinary delights from magnificent bowls, and servants attended to them every requirement.

Louis the 16th– The French Dog Lover


Louis XI of France possessed a pack of a few hundred greyhounds, according to Cynthia Branigan’s 2004 bookThe Reign of the Greyhound.’

He decorated his beloved pup, Cher Ami (“Dear Friend”), with a sturdy ruby-covered gold necklace. Collars adorned with diamonds, embossed with epitaphs and legends, or hanging with small bells were issued to other imperial canines.

In conclusion, dressing our beloved furry friends is not a modern concept. I don’t see any end in embellishing them, as I don’t see any end in adoring and loving them.