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Ever thought of getting a miniature bulldog and asked yourself how big do miniature bulldogs get? Will it be like a bulldog? Will it be like a pug? These are some basic confusions that many people have, just like how big do miniature bulldogs get.

If you are confused between a bulldog or a pug, then a miniature bulldog a perfect option for you. Miniature bulldogs are a crossbreed of bulldogs mixed with pugs. Now you may wonder how big do miniature bulldogs get?

How big do miniature bulldogs get? Miniature bulldogs, when coming into the adult stage, should have around 10-14 inches of height. The weight of a miniature bulldog is between 25-40 lbs. These attributes are very similar to the standard bulldog. However, there is a possibility that adult miniature dogs can be even smaller than this size. But it is not recommended as they can develop health problems.

Miniature bulldogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. But they are recognized by many other societies and registries such as the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and Dog Registry of America.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get – What Are Miniature Bulldogs Exactly?

Miniature bulldogs are crossbreeds of a purebred bulldog with a pug. You shouldn’t get confused between a miniature bulldog and a miniature English bulldog; both are different.

Miniature bulldogs are great companion dogs. They love to be around the family and are very friendly.

No one knows from where this crossbreed originated and who bred them. But these miniatures have been here for quite a long while, and people love them.

But I do know the origin of their purebred parents, i.e., the bulldog and the pug.

The pugs are ancient breeds that used to be seen as lapdogs in 1600 BC. The Bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting purposes back in the 1500s.

All I can say is these miniatures were bred for being companion dogs. They can make excellent family dogs.

So if you ask how big miniature bulldogs get, I can tell that they may be similar to their parent breeds.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Appearance

The miniature bulldogs have a very similar appearance to their parent breeds. They can be easily identified.

Miniature bulldogs are adorably small and have a stocky build. They have features like a large head, short legs, and a sturdy body.

No matter how big miniature bulldogs get, they will always have a flat face with a short nose and a curly tail.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Height And Weight

The miniature bulldogs don’t have a lot of height (because they are miniatures). When it comes to crossbreeds, the easiest way to guess their height is by adding the parents’ heights and then dividing it by 2.

However, bulldogs and pugs have different sizes; this method doesn’t give accurate results. Now you may wonder how big do miniature bulldogs get after maturity.

The miniature bulldogs have a height of 14-16 inches usually. And they weigh around 20-40 lbs, depending on their build.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Color Variations

Your miniature bulldog will obviously get its color from its parents. The color of your miniature’s coat will entirely depend on their parents too.

Pugs usually are silver, black, or fawn. Bulldogs come in red, black, fawn, white, or brindle.

So your miniature bulldog can be of any combination. No two crossbreed dogs are ever the same, so you never know until you get one.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Coat


Your miniature bulldog can have a short and close coat that comes in various different colors. The coat of the dogs also depends on their parents.

If your miniature bulldog has dominant genes of their pug parent, it will have a smooth and silky coat. And if we look at the other way, your miniature will have a short and rough but glossy coat.

Both pugs and bulldogs have straight, short, and coat, so your miniature will have this kind of coat.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Temperament

We know that bulldogs and pugs both have almost the same personalities. But to understand your miniature bulldog’s nature in detail, let me tell you about both the parent dogs.

Temperament Of A Pug

Pugs have a very happy personality, and they are intelligent too. They are usually considered as the shadow of their owner.

They are very loyal dogs and always by the side of their owner, no matter what. They are very bright and sometimes become mischievous too.

Temperament Of A Bulldog

 Bulldogs are very adorable and loving dogs. They are very lazy and enjoy sleeping on the couch.

They have a lot of patience and are great around kids. They can also make good watchdogs for your family.

As puppies, they are very energetic and playful. As they grow up, they tend to get calm and enjoy relaxing on the couch all the time.

Their favorite thing is to eat and sleep all day. They also love relaxing in their owner’s lap.

They crave a lot of your attention and enjoy spending time with you.

So What Did You Derive?

The miniature bulldogs are supposed to be the perfect combination of these two personalities. They should be happy as a pug and relaxed as a bulldog.

These miniature bulldogs are said to be having a very peaceful and calm nature. They may be very naughty as puppies, but they tend to become steady in their adulthood and are seen relaxing on the couch all the time.

The pugs and the bulldogs do not bark a lot, so your miniature will never be a barker.

But, (a) pugs can bark if they get bored, and your miniature can inherit this feature. And (b) bulldogs tend to bark when they feel threatened due to their protective nature.

If you socialize your miniature bulldog from an early age, this can be avoided. Slowly they will learn to get along with other members as well as pets of the family.

Can Miniature Bulldog Become A Great Family Dog?

Miniature bulldogs make great family dogs. They get a sweet and gentle side from the bulldogs and love to have human attention.  

And that is why they are excellent with children and do great as family dogs.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Exercise Needs

Miniature bulldogs tend to exercise very easily. These little pups do not require long runs or anything, unlike other dogs.

They can be taken for short walks to the park or even on the road near your house. They are not very energetic, so there can be possibilities that you may spend more time convincing them to go for walks than actual walking time.

But for maintaining their health and fitness, they must be taken to the walks. It can benefit your miniature bulldog mentally too.     

You can also ask your pup to come to play with you, and you can play various physical games too. You can buy Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Pet Rope Toys For Small to Medium Dogs and play some tug of war with your little one.

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You have to stimulate your dog to make them play with you. Only 30 minutes of playtime in the day or a short walk can be beneficial for them physically and psychologically.

One important note: Your miniature bulldog will be brachycephalic (due to flat faces) just like their parents; pugs and bulldogs. So do not keep your miniature bulldog in the heat; otherwise, it can be hard for them to breathe and cause serious issues.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Feeding And Diet

Miniature bulldogs are said to have sensitive stomachs. So if you opt for dry food to feed your dog, look for something of high quality that is grain-free and formulated for small dogs.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food for Small & Toy Breeds is one such dog food that has kibble suitable for small dogs.

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You can feed your bulldog1 to 1.5 cups every day. Or you can provide half or ¾ cup in the morning and a half or ¾ cup in the evening. While choosing the dog food, look closely at the ingredients and purchase the best food for your miniature dog.

Do not change your dog’s diet suddenly; otherwise, they can have stomach problems. Feed them with the same consistency and the same food regularly.

The feeding guidelines suggest feeding your dog 20 to 30 calories per pound of body weight. These bulldogs are prone to obesity, so they must be fed at the lower side, i.e., 20 calories per pound.

If you want to get excellent advice and knowledge about feeding your miniature bulldog, you can consult your vet. All these figures are written on a general basis.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Grooming Needs

The miniature bulldogs have a short coat and are easy to take care of and groom. You need to brush their hair once a week to remove all the dead hairs.

You need to clean them regularly because of their skin folds and wrinkles. There are very chances of them catching infections due to dirt gathered in their wrinkles.

You need to trim their nails too and brush their teeth regularly.

How Big Do Miniature Bulldogs Get? – Final Words


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Miniature bulldogs are short and adorable small dogs. If you want a 10-14 inches tall dog with around 25-40 lbs weight, this is the perfect choice for you.

Get yourself a miniature friend now!

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