Why Do Female Puppies Hump? 6 Very Important Reasons

Why do female puppies hump a lot?

Why do female puppies hump when they meet a new acquaintance?

Why do female puppies hump when they are supposed to say “hello”?

These were some questions that all the female dog owners might have. It becomes very embarrassing for the owners of female bulldogs when their puppies hump.

Humping is a natural phenomenon that is common in both male and female dogs.

Your female puppy will try to hump her stuffed toy or anything that she sees.

Why do female puppies hump?

There many reasons that can lead your female puppy to hump everywhere and everyone. Female puppies hump their soft toys as she knows she won’t be able to impregnate them.

She can also hump if she is too excited, feels really bored, has some medical complications, or even has any stress. But there is always the right time to do certain things.

Proper training and discipline can teach the puppy that she cannot do it everywhere. The owner should make some boundaries for the puppy and change this bad habit.

As an owner, you might feel very shameful when your female dog starts humping other people’s legs or other dogs.

You have to train her to stop the bad behavior; let’s begin by finding the actual reason why do female puppies hump a lot?

Why Do Female Puppies Hump? – The Most Common Reasons

Not only male dogs but female dogs also hump a lot, and there has to be a specific reason for it. Obviously, you might not like your female puppy starting to hump anyone and everyone.

First of all, you need to know the reason behind so much humping to stop this behavior. The reason may be physical or psychological.

Female puppies show this kind of behavior while they are playing, stressed, or something like that. The context of the behavior is essential.

The reasons why do female puppies hump are as follows:

Females Puppies Get A Good Feeling

The puppies are untrained, and they do not understand the meaning of good and bad. So they do things that make them feel good.

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The female puppies don’t hump or mount for reproduction purposes. They simply hump because it gives them a good feeling.

In fact, the puppy would feel good if you react to it, be it negative or positive. So they may do it more.

The female puppies undergoing estrus or heat tend to hump their toy as it gives them a feeling of enjoyment. This kind of behavior is more seen in the puppies that are in estrus.

The puppies could even mount or hump to their beds, toys, and even their littermates.

Obsessive Compulsion Disorder

Puppies can also develop an Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) just like us humans. Humping can be said to be one way she expresses herself.

A female puppy with Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) would try to lick everything, walk into circles, drink water, or even her toys. OCD can usually develop in a puppy if she has been confined for a long period, she hasn’t been appropriately socialized, or doesn’t have a proper routine.

So just when you notice anything like that, train your puppy to behave in the right manner.

Stress And Frustration


Your female puppy’s reason for humping doesn’t have to do something with sex. Female puppies also hump when they are stressed or frustrated.

Whenever these puppies are scared or excited, it is very common for them to hump their person, their bed, or any other thing that is in the surrounding. If you notice that the humping has increased when your puppy is in the dog park, then there may be another reason for that.

The stressed female puppies may hump a lot in the park as they want to play and hump at the same time. The female puppies will feel that humping will release their stress.

Showing Their Dominance

Whenever you notice a female puppy humping another dog, the reason can be that they want to show their dominance. It can sometimes prove to be dangerous too.

If your dog doesn’t stop to hump the other dog, they may end up fighting rigorously. A dominant female puppy will try to hump every other dog she meets to show her dominance.

If you ever see this kind of behavior in your female puppy, you must train your puppy to stop immediately. Socialization may also help your female puppy to stop this bad habit.

Medical Problems

Humping can also be a warning of an emerging medical problem. The female puppy suffering from a urinary tract infection that causes a lot of discomfort can get temporary relief by humping.

The female puppies that suffer from irresistible disorders or anxiety may hump excessively due to their emotional condition. You must always consult a vet to thoroughly examine your puppy if they may have any severe medical issues.

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Can Be A Sexual Behavior

Most people think that puppies hump because of their sexual behavior. But if that is the case, they may also have flirtatious body language like pawing, raised tail, and play bows.

All these actions are a part of a dog’s playtime behavior. It is also seen that some puppies that are not appropriately socialized or not even socialized tend to hump their fellow puppies as a part of playing.

These puppies don’t understand the difference between playing with their mates and getting over-aroused during that time. You must always train them properly to understand the difference.

Why Do Female Puppies Hump? Measures To Stop The Behavior

The puppy owners have to face a lot of shame and embarrassment when their puppies hump in front of other people. They try to stop their puppies but unknowingly, they may be encouraging their puppies.

The puppies love to have their owner’s attention all the time. For example, if your female puppy starts humping your leg, then you will obviously pick her up so that she can stop humping.

Now for your puppy, it may be fun because she grabbed a lot of your attention, and by that, she has understood that humping can get her whatever she wants. Even if you will scold her or shout at her, she will think that you are only giving her attention.

Even when you laugh at your puppy doing weird things, it can be a negative encouragement. Here we are again with another question of how you stop your female puppies from humping after knowing why do female puppies hump.

There are some ways through which you can stop this behavior of your puppy. You must become careful at the beginning of this behavior only; otherwise, it can be challenging later on.

The measures to stop your female puppy from humping are:

1. Train Your Dog To Be Obedient

Teach your female puppy specific commands that she must obey. As soon as she hears it, the command must be something that she should leave the thing that she is humping on.

You can teach her to stop humping on the “leave it” command of yours. If she obeys, you can further reward her with a treat so she can learn.

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You can give her Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats that are very soft as rewards.

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Even if she doesn’t obey, you can try to remove her from that situation completely.

2. Neuter The Puppy

In the case of a female puppy, neutering her can reduce her desire to hump other dogs. Neutering can help the female puppies who hump a lot when in heat or around other female puppies in heat.

3. Consult An Animal Behaviorist

When aggressive humping has been seen in the female puppies, and no solution could be found, you must consider consulting a professional animal behaviorist. This unnatural behavior causing your female puppy to hump continuously for your attention needs medical attention soon.

4. Distract Your Puppy

You must always understand your puppy’s hints. Whenever your female puppy goes near someone or something and then starts panting, pawing, or whining, you must know that she is getting ready to hump.

In this situation, you should distract your puppy by calling the dog or asking them to do other things like sitting or playing. Slowly they will forget their habit.

5. Ignore Your Puppy

If you understand that your female puppy is humping to get your attention, just ignore her. It is the best measure to stop your puppy from humping.

If your female puppy starts humping the visitors, keep her in the crate, and not entertain her. Try this for the next time too, when someone arrives, and she starts humping.

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But make sure that you give your female puppy a lot of attention and time on the other times of the day as it can affect them mentally.

Play with her and take her for walks too when she doesn’t repeat the bad behavior.

Why Do Female Puppies Hump? – Final Words


Now, as you know, why do female puppies hump?

You also understand what you should do to stop her. Never encourage any kind of bad behavior of your puppies.

Train them to obey you and save yourself from embarrassment!

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