Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets? Best 5 Points to Decide!


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The answer to the question do Bulldogs make good pets? It depends on the owner’s willingness to handle them.

How much time they can devote? How much they can afford its expenses, and they will be able to put up the effort to raise them.

People generally fall for their cute faces and adorable gestures; I did the same. I realized this particular breed has distinctive requirements. Bulldogs owners should be aware of that.

There are plenty of things to learn about bulldogs before bringing them into your life.

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets? – More Than A Cute Face

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets

There’s no brainer saying that the Bulldogs can steal your heart with their smooshy face. And Put you on your toes with their stubborn attitude. 

They are more than their cute faces. If the thought of knowing do bulldogs make good pets?

Has got you here, you might be able to find the answers.

When you buy/adopt a Bulldog, there are a lot of things that you need to learn about them.

It’s not only giving them the right food or tempting them with treats. You need to understand their personality and cater to their requirements.

Bulldogs can come across as intimidating until and unless you get to know them in person.

So, if you want to know, Do Bulldogs make good pets?

I can help you figure out a thing or two about the adorable pet. Just hang in there and explore more about the Bulldogs. 

Are Bulldogs Easy To Train?

Are Bulldogs Easy To Train?

A medium-sized dog with a broad chest, small rear, and a compact body overall, Bulldog is a favored choice for many.

With their massive jaws, Bulldogs can put up a great smile on their faces.

I love the way their underbite allows their pinkish tongue to sneak out when they rest. 

Some consider Bulldogs as the most intimidating pets that know how to get their way out. But as a Bulldog owner, it took me a few days to realize how gentle and human-friendly Bulldogs are.

Though Bulldogs are an amiable breed, it is not very easy to train. Because they hardly care what their owners want them to do.

They are cute and do what they want to do! Haha!

They are stubborn and reluctant to train. So, if you are patient enough to spend adequate time and energy, you can try!

First, to understand whether they make the right pet or not.

It is a must to understand this adorable pet dog’s nitty-gritty details.

Here I have listed a few necessary things that I have observed in Bulldogs that will help make the decision. 

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets? Let’s Answer This Question Now!

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets

#1 Food Allergies Are Common

Unlike other dog breeds, Bulldogs are quite sensitive to food items. It took me a lot of time and, of course, money to find the right food for my dog.

The regular dog food from the supermarket might not suit them all.

You might need to consult a vet and get prescribed dog food. 

A proper diet is something that makes a significant difference in their health. Make sure you feed them right.

The only drawback is that this food experiment might be expensive and exhausting for you.

So keep your patience level and bank balance a notch higher when you bring a Bulldog home.

#2 Complete Wrinkle Care

Another area that can be time-consuming and expensive is wrinkle care. You need to understand that Bulldog’s wrinkles need to be tamed as they can lead to inflammation, yeast formation, or worst, an infection.

If you don’t address the issue on time, it can make your beloved pet too sick. 

So, it would help if you kept good care of the wrinkles.

You must use soap, water, cotton balls, or baby wipes to keep the wrinkles clean and dry.

The under-eye wrinkles are often hard to reach.

But don’t leave them uncleaned, reach out to every corner to keep them healthy.

#3 Perfectly Clean Tail Pocket

Bulldogs have tail pockets; it’s a pocket area right below their tail and above the bum. Generally, the tail pockets are shallow or deep.

Accumulating plenty of dirt and filth, thanks to Bulldog’s love for mud.

These pockets are prone to infection due to the excessive collection of dirt.

I have seen many Bulldog owners who don’t even realize the importance of tail pocket cleaning until their dogs start showing signs of discomfort.

You must also understand that a tail pocket can form at any age, so always remain vigilant. Use witch hazel or cleanser that can dry out the tail pocket.

Some bulldogs can also go through a series of chronic issues with uncleaned tail pockets. 

#4 Interdigital Furuncles

Commonly known as the interdigital cyst, furuncles are the boil that firms between the Bulldogs’ toes. It forms due to fungal or bacterial infection combined with pain.

These generally pop up in the form of lumps in their foot, resulting in fluid and puss discharge.

I have been cautious with handling the interdigital furuncles as it once led to a difficult situation that needed a vet’s attention.

Your dog will initially show some symptoms like the frequent licking of paws, redness in toes, fluid or pus discharge, etc.

Never ignore these signs and address their concerns. Their health condition is entirely in your hands, so you need to pay extra attention to every little gesture. 

#5 Medicinal Needs

Apart from their regular diet and cleanliness, you also need to take care of their medicines.

Yes, Bulldogs can go into medications that are not always of severe issues.

Sometimes you can use medicines for their everyday needs.

For instance, I use Malacetic wipes as a cleanser for my Bulldog.

There are some popular over-the-counter medicines like Immodium, Benadryl, and Pepcid that you have to keep in the medicine cabinet.

Take it from me, instead of running for the treatment at the last moment; it is better to prepare in advance.

Ask advice from your veterinarian to get a better idea regarding the right medicine. 

So, Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

No doubt that the wrinkly bundle of joy is certainly a bonus for those who are looking for an adorable pet.

But, there is a lot that you need to learn about bulldogs before you bring them into your life

Let’s sum up all the points mentioned above and determine do bulldogs make good pets:

  • Bulldogs have special food needs that you need to meet, so keep your bank balance and mental peace in check. 
  • Bulldogs are vulnerable to high heat, so apart from keeping them away from the scorching sun, you need to set up a resting place that is cool enough for them. 
  • Bulldogs need to clean properly. Cleanliness is something non-negotiable, so make sure you prepare with all the necessary cleaning measures. 
  • Bulldogs are prone to allergies, which means they need constant assistance to ensure everything’s under control. 

Bulldogs are indeed quite expensive to raise.

If you are not financially strong enough, it is best to advise you to adopt some other breeds, as a significant portion of your paycheck will spend on them.

Setting aside the expensive factor of raising them, it is not pretty hard to make a decision. Bulldogs are the most susceptible and adorable pets you can have around.  

Words From The Experienced

So, yes, you can go forward and adopt one.

However, many Bulldogs often end up being in shelter homes after being adopted as their owners could not look after them.

Thousands of Bulldogs were abandoned in shelters and rescue centers because they were used for breeding, or their owners were fed up.

Rather than taking such a disheartened step, it is better to pre-plan everything and give them a peaceful life. 

Don’t forget; it’s not only you who add to their life; their presence and love for you are also unparalleled.

Always research before hitting a shelter home or a pet shop. 

Just ask yourself the following question before planning anything:

I did this before adopting my Bulldog. 

Do Bulldogs Make Good Pets? - PIN


Is a Bulldog a Good House Dog?

Yes, Bulldogs are very sociable, friendly, and excellent companions for house and family.

Are Bulldogs an Aggressive Breed?

Yes, low risk for aggressive level behavior.

Do Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

They known for their calm behavior, and they can be sleep near you on the sofa all day. But bulldogs seldom bark, but their bark is low and gruff.

Do Bulldogs Like to Cuddle?

Of course, bulldogs are known for their affectionate behavior, and bulldogs love cuddling with their owners.

Before You Leave

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any guidance for reading and understanding Bulldogs. So I did it the traditional way; trial and test.

If you can answer all these questions and come out with a positive answer. Then you are well-prepared to bring home a new member.

In case you are not ready, don’t feel low; there’s always a good time for the good things!

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