14 Super Easy DIY Outside Bulldog Toys

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You need toys to keep your bulldogs active, smart, and happy. It is a common fact that dog owners tend to spend loads of money to support their bulldogs entertained. Why not save some money and use DIY outside bulldog toys?

Making DIY outside bulldog toys are easy and economical ways to keep your doggie happy. There are numerous DIY outside bulldog toys that you can create, and a few of them I have listed in this blog.

Bulldogs care less about what money you spend on them. They get happier when you spend time with them and give them something they love.

I have always wanted to get something for Fluffy that keeps him occupied.

It matters less whether you buy it from outside or make it yourself. Who knows?

They might be happier when you make something yourself as it would have a scent of you in it!

Here are some of the ideas for DIY outside bulldog toys that you might find useful.

List of DIY Outside Bulldog Toys

No-Sew Heart Toy

This is one of the easiest to build DIY outside bulldog toys.

  • Follow or freehand draw a heart onto two stacked layers of downy texture.
  • Cut out the heart, leaving two crawls of room around the outside so you can twofold tie the sides together.
  • Twofold tie for what it’s worth and stuff with additional downy.

Fluffy destroys everything that is not robust, so a word of caution – if your bulldog likes the rough play, you might want to skip this one.

Frozen Sock Toy

This is very easy to build a DIY toy for your bulldog.

Soft-Drink Bottle Treat Dispenser

This intuitive toy is imaginatively made out of a chicken settling box, a mind mystery for your pooch.

  • What you need are a Chicken Ware settling box, PVC line, and two 2-liter soft drink bottles
  • Drill openings in the container and hang the treat-filled jugs from the line.
  • Splash paint it to coordinate your home stylistic layout.

Your soft-drink bottle treat dispenser is ready.

Tease Stick

Want to have fun with your bulldog using this one of the most fantastic DIY outside bulldog toys.

This toy tantalizer guarantees excellent exercise for any bulldog who enjoys a decent round of pursuing.

It works like a feline wand, hanging toys all for the sake of fun.

  • It’s made with PVC line, rope, and a most loved effectively settled on a toy of your decision.
  • String rope through the line and bind your toy as far as possible.
  • Make it beautiful by enveloping the line with electrical tape.

Ball Tug Toy

Would you want to make fair use of that old T-shirt and a ball? You can create one of the easiest DIY outside bulldog toys using old attires.

Cut it up to make this toy for your textured friend.

This is how you should make it.

  • You’ll require an old T-shirt, a tennis ball and some scissors.
  • Just lay your shirt level and cut across in three vital spots.
  • Now wrap the ball inside two of the pieces.
  • Utilize the littlest bit of shirt to secure the toy together.
  • Cut the leftover bits of material into strips and interlace.
  • Your ball tug toy is ready.

Dog Feeder Toy

A PVC pipe is the fundamental fixing in this durable DIY outside bulldog toys. It can keep your pooch occupied by making him work for the treats inside.

  • Penetrate openings into the line, which you can do best when the line is made sure about a tight clamp.
  • Sand the unpleasant edges of your openings with sandpaper.
  • When they become smooth, place the line into the dishwasher for cleaning.
  • Set PVC limits for each finish of the line.

I use AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers to keep things neat.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

No-Sew Denim Dog Toy

Don’t worry! You don’t need any sewing machine to make one of these awesome DIY outside bulldog toys.

  • To make this toy, you would need some scissors and an old pair of pants.
  • First, cut the trouser legs into long strips and lay them in a cross shape on a table.
  • The completed item is simple, intense, thus much amusing to bite.

Towel Tug Toy

Worn out towels are given new life when they’re formed into toys for your puppy, and the usable word here is: simple!

  • Just cut three towel segments, around 4 inches wide and 12 inches in length.
  • Tie them off toward one side with a little towel strip (1 inch wide and 6 inches in length).
  • Plait and utilize another strip to tie off the end.

Crusty Fruit-Filled Treat Pupsicles

DIY is the place where innovativeness and adoration for bulldogs crash for huge loads of fun!

It’s part toy, part treat, with a full serving of adorableness.

Yam Rope Toy

Here’s a decent method to add some fiber and fun to your bulldog’s schedule.

  • Clean one giant yam and cut into 1 inch round pieces.
  • Utilize a cutout or apple corer to cut an opening in each piece.
  • Get dried out by preparing for 5 hours the broiler.
  • Tie a bunch pushed beyond your limits (about a foot long) and string the potato rings onto it.

Shirt Rope Toy


That heap of T-shirts in the storage room that no one is wearing, they can be transformed into T-shirt yarn for your next venture.

Shirt yarn is long, flimsy portions of T-shirt, which looks too vivid when it’s twisted.

You’ll require 12 strings of yarn (at around 1-2 yards in length) to twist this yarn into a rope toy.

Don’t stress much since it is one of the easiest DIY outside bulldog toys you could make.

If you need it, you can check any videos from Youtube explaining its simple construction.

Pull-Apart Dog Toy

Here’s one for the bulldog who appreciates sending stuffed toys to the cemetery by pulling them separated, piece by piece.

Stuff precut bits of soft texture alongside yummy treats into a 5-inch Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy.

Throw and watch the pulverization start.

Natively Constructed Squeaky Toy

You’ll require a sewing machine to fasten two bits of bone-formed texture together, and remember to leave a little opening so you can embed stuffing and the squeaker inside.

Top tip: The cuter the texture, the more delightful the Facebook post!

Basic Sock Toy

The otherworldly power that takes one sock from each heap of clothing would need you to accomplish something great with the one excess, and here it is!

  • Cut an opening in the toe-side of a full-length sock and stuff a water
  • bottle within it.
  • Bind each end with twine.
  • I suggest trimming each side to make it last more.

Why Make DIY Outside Bulldog Toys?

Canine toys are frequently costly and don’t will, in general, keep going exceptionally long, so making natively constructed forms that are modest is incredible, particularly when you have a canine that truly makes the most of his toys.

Try not to squander cash on canine toys that scarcely last 30 minutes; improve and less expensive toys that your canine will appreciate the same amount of, if not more than the locally acquired toys.

A few canines will bite on anything. However, shockingly, numerous dogs love chewing on things they shouldn’t, prefer plastic containers. Items, for example, can be destructive.

Having toys for your canines helps shield your doggy from biting on things the individual in question should—and it spares your stuff!

I recommend using Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy. It is a handy product to help you with training your bulldog to stop chewing furniture.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Caution while Making DIY Outside Bulldog Toys

Toys should just be utilized under proper management. Continuously be mindful.

Strings can fall off of rope toys, and canines may swallow them, catches can fall off and get gagged on, and dogs can without much of a stretch bite off bits of things.

Continuously utilize sound judgment, know your canine, and recall: If your pup can get oneself in a challenging situation, the individual will.

Final Thoughts


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The bulldogs are an extraordinary breed that would innocently play with anything and everything. But as a dog owner and as a parent, you must ensure that you allow them to spend time around safe toys.

This blog explained the various DIY outside bulldog toys that you could build easily using the home products.

I hope you liked reading the article on DIY outside bulldog toys and make fair use of it.