How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant? Best Guide

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How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant?

French Bulldogs are pregnant for an average of 63 days. Some may be as short as 58 days, while others may last up to 68 days. There is no one “right” answer since every dog is different.

If you’re curious about how long your Frenchie will be pregnant, this article has all the answers you need. It also includes tips on what to expect during pregnancy and after the puppies are born.

Please read this article to learn more about French Bulldogs and their pregnancies!

How Long Are French Bulldogs Pregnant?

According to American Kennel Club, sperm can survive in a female dogs body for up to 7 days. This means that a Frenchie can get pregnant even if they only have sexual maturity once a week.

Ovulation occurs about 12-16 days after the start of the heat cycle. If your dog is mated during this time, she will likely become pregnant.

In fact, a veterinarian can only confirm a pregnancy period about 30 days after natural mating has occurred. Until then, it’s best to assume that your Frenchie is pregnant and take the necessary precautions.

It would be best if you took your Frenchie to the vet during pregnancy for regular check-ups. These will help to ensure that both mom and puppies are healthy.

Your vet may also recommend supplements, such as calcium to help support your dog during pregnancy.

It’s important to continue feeding your Frenchie a high-quality diet throughout pregnancy. This will help her maintain her health and provide nutrients for the growing puppies.

You may also need to increase your dog’s food intake as she gets closer to her due date. This is because the puppies will take up more room in her stomach, leaving less space for food.

Some Common Signs of Pregnancy in French Bulldogs Include:

As any pet owner knows, dogs can be some of the most loyal and loving companions.

They’re always happy to see you, whether you’ve been gone for five minutes or hours, and they’re always down for a cuddle.

But what happens when your furry friend starts to act a little different?

If your female French Bulldog starts showing some of the following signs, she may be pregnant.

First, she may start to gain weight or appear bloated. Her appetite may also change, and she may become more cuddly than usual.

She may also start to nest, preparing a comfortable spot for herself and her future puppies.

Signs of a Pregnant Frenchie In Details

Sometimes it’s ok to feel a little clueless, especially regarding your furry friend’s health.

Here are some more detailed explanations of the signs that your Frenchie may be pregnant:

Gaining Weight or Bloating

During pregnancy, your dog’s weight may start to increase, or she may appear bloated. This is due to the growing puppies and the extra fluid in her body.

Change in Appetite

Pregnancy can cause a change in your dog’s appetite. She may become ravenous, eat everything in sight, or lose her appetite altogether.


Nesting is a common sign of pregnancy in dogs. This is when your dog prepares a comfortable spot for herself and her future puppies. She may collect blankets and toys or start spending more time in bed.


Some dogs become more cuddly when they’re pregnant. This is probably due to the increased levels of the hormone oxytocin.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy causes a surge in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones can cause mood swings, anxiety, and even aggression in some dogs.

Increased Urination

The increased levels of estrogen and progesterone can also cause your dog to urinate more frequently. This is because they cause the muscles in her bladder to relax.


Many pregnant dogs become tired and lethargic. This is due to the extra energy they’re expanding to support the growing puppies.

Nipple Enlargement or Secretion

As the puppies grow, the mammary glands will enlarge and secrete a substance called colostrum. This is the first milk that puppies will drink after they’re born.

Abdominal Enlargement

As the puppies grow, your dog’s abdomen will start to enlarge. This is usually most noticeable during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Behavioral Changes

Pregnancy can cause a variety of behavioral changes in dogs. Some may become more aggressive, while others may become more anxious or withdrawn.

These changes are usually due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. You must talk to your vet if you’re concerned about your dog’s behavior.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any pet owner, but it’s essential to be ready.

If you suspect your dog is pregnant, you must take her to the vet for confirmation and start a prenatal care plan.

Congratulations – you’re about to become a dog mom!

What Are the Options for The French Bulldog Pregnancy Test

What Are the Options for The French Bulldog Pregnancy Test

There are a few options available regarding testing for pregnancy in French Bulldogs.

The most common method is via ultrasound, which your veterinarian can perform. This involves using a probe to scan the abdomen and visualize the fetus(es). Large litters can be difficult to palpate.

A blood test can also be used to test for pregnancy hormones, though this is not always accurate.

Finally, x-rays can determine pregnancy in later stages, though this is not recommended due to the risks involved. 

Ultimately, your best bet is to consult your vet to determine which method is best for your dog.

What Are the Stages of a Frenchie Pregnancy?

Ah, the miracle of life!

If you’re considering expanding your French Bulldog family, you may wonder what exactly happens during a Frenchie pregnancy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the stages of Frenchie pregnancy so you know what to expect (and when to start stocking up on baguettes and Bordeaux).

Stage One:

The first stage of Frenchie’s pregnancy lasts about two weeks. During this time, the fertilized eggs travel from the Fallopian tubes to the uterus. At this point, your dog’s body will start to release hormones that help prepare her for motherhood (including driving her mate crazy with random mood swings and cravings for anything and everything edible).

Stage Two:

The second stage of Frenchie’s pregnancy lasts for three weeks. During this time, the embryos continue to develop and grow. You may notice your dog’s abdomen starting to swell as she starts to put on weight. She may also experience some morning sickness and lose her appetite. At this point, ensuring she gets plenty of rest and eats a nutritious diet is essential.

Stage Three:

The third stage of Frenchie pregnancy lasts for six weeks. The puppies start to develop and grow inside the mother’s womb. You’ll notice your dog’s belly getting bigger, and she may begin to feel uncomfortable. She may also start to produce milk and Nestle close to her bedding.

Stage Four:

The fourth stage of Frenchie pregnancy lasts for two weeks. This is the final stage of development before the puppies are born. The puppies will continue to grow and develop, and the mother may start to feel restless. At this point, ensuring she has plenty of bedding and is comfortable is essential.

Stage Five:

The fifth stage of Frenchie’s pregnancy is childbirth. Frenchies usually give birth between 58 and 63 days after breeding. The mother will pass the puppies one at a time through her birth canal during labor. This process can take several hours, and she may need help from her owner or a veterinarian if there are complications.

After the puppies are born, the mother cleans them and bonds with them. It’s essential to ensure she has plenty of food and water during this time, as she will be expending a lot of energy.

So there you have it! The stages of Frenchie pregnancy in a nutshell. Now that you know what to expect, you can start planning for the new arrival (or arrivals).

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!

Week-by-Week Timeline of French Bulldog Pregnancy

Week-by-Week Timeline of French Bulldog Pregnancy

First Week

It all starts with a bit of romance. The male Frenchies will begin to court the female, and if she’s receptive, they’ll start the mating process. This can go on for several days until the female is ready to ovulate.

Week 2

After ovulation, fertilization occurs, and pregnancy begins. The fertilized eggs will make their way to the uterus, where they’ll implant themselves in the lining and begin to grow.

Week 3-4 

Things will be pretty quiet for the next few weeks as the embryos continue to develop. At this stage, they’re tiny little balls of cells rapidly growing and changing.

Week 5

Around week five, the embryos will start to form facial features, and their internal organs will begin to develop. At this point, they’re about the size of a kidney bean.

Week 6

By week six, the embryos are beginning to look more like tadpoles than human beings. Their tails have disappeared, and their limbs are starting to take shape. They’re now about the size of a grape.

Week 7

The Embryos have developed into recognizable puppies by week seven. They now have fur, their eyes are beginning to open, and they’re moving around quite a bit. They’re now about the size of a tennis ball.

8th week

The puppies are fully formed and ready to be born in week eight. They now have all their fur, their eyes are open, and their limbs are fully developed. The only thing left to do is grow!

9th Week

This is it! The big day has arrived, and your French Bulldog puppies are about to enter the world. They’ll be born one by one, usually within a few hours of each other.

Physical and Nutritional Needs of a Pregnant French Bulldog

Physical and Nutritional Needs of a Pregnant French Bulldog

Suppose you’re considering adding a French Bulldog to your family; congratulations! 

These charming little dogs make great companions. But before you bring home your new pup, there are a few things you need to know about their physical and nutritional needs.

First, let’s talk about exercise. French Bulldogs are a relatively active breed, but they don’t need much practice. A daily walk and some playtime will suffice. Just be careful not to overdo it in the heat – Frenchies are susceptible to heat stroke.

As for diet, pregnant French Bulldogs need high-quality food that is rich in protein and calories. You may want to consult with your veterinarian to find the best food for your dog’s specific needs. And remember, always keep fresh water available for your dog to drink.

So there, you have a few things to remember when caring for a pregnant French Bulldog. With just a little planning, you’ll be ready to welcome your new furry friend into the family.

Here Is My Plan for My Female French Bulldog in Her Pregnant State: 

First Trimester

During the first weeks of my Frenchie’s pregnancy, she lost a pit of her appetite as of embryo implant started to grow in her uterus wall, so I offered her more small and more frequent meals. Also, I increased her water intake to keep her hydrated.

In this stage, I start to give her folic acid and other prenatal supplements to ensure the healthy development of the puppies

Second Trimester

As my Frenchie’s belly started to grow, I slowly increased her food intake and continued to give her plenty of water. I also started paying more attention to her activity levels, ensuring she got enough exercise without overdoing it.

In the 5th week of her pregnancy, I start to increase her food intake by 10% per week. Hormonal and physical changes began to make her feel more tired, so I ensured she got plenty of rest.

I also started to give her calcium supplements in the 6th week to help support her growing bones and muscles.

To ensure and support her healthy fetal development, I start the calorie-dense food during her second trimester as per Royal Canine’s advice. 

Third Trimester

As my Frenchie enters the third trimester, her appetite will continue to increase, and she may start to gain weight quickly. I continue offering her small, frequent meals and ensuring she has plenty of water.

I also continue to pay attention to her activity levels and ensure she gets enough exercise. In the last few weeks of her pregnancy, I limited her practice to short walks and avoided strenuous activity.

During this trimester, or around the 45 days into the gestation period, I switched her food plan entirely to high-energy food and increased her food intake by 10% or more per week

However, I give her many small meals rather than just two large meals to maintain her energy level; in this stage, you need to choose a puppy formula that’ will help her digest fast and a high-quality growth food plan.

I also prepare a whelping box for her to deliver her puppies.

So there you have it, my plan for taking care of my female Frenchie during her pregnancy. Following these simple steps can help ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy for your dog.

Do French Bulldogs Give Birth Naturally?

French Bulldogs are a popular breed of dog, known for their playful personalities and easygoing nature

However, they are also notoriously difficult to breed, partly due to their small size.

As a result, many Frenchie owners find themselves wondering whether their pets will be able to give birth naturally.

The answer, unfortunately, is not always clear. Because of their tiny bodies and narrow hips, many French Bulldogs need help during the delivery process.

In some cases, French Bulldogs may need to be delivered by Caesarean section due to the size of their pelvis or the position of their puppies.

In other cases, however, they may be able to deliver their litter without assistance.

The best way to determine whether your French Bulldog will be able to give birth naturally is to consult with your veterinarian. 

They will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your pet.

There are brachycephalic breeds of dogs, which have shorter muzzles and noses, such as the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Pekingese. These breeds are more likely to experience difficulties during labor and may need C-sections.

Dogs that are small or have a narrow pelvis are also at a higher risk for complications during childbirth.

The Birth and Delivery of a French Bulldog Puppy

The Birth and Delivery of a French Bulldog Puppy

The birth and delivery of a French Bulldog pup is an event that is both amazing and bizarre. Unlike most other dog breeds, French Bulldogs give birth to their pups via Caesarean section. The puppies have large heads and shoulders, making natural delivery difficult or even impossible. 

During a Caesarean section, the vet will make an incision in the mother’s abdomen and then carefully remove the Frenchie puppies. The mother will usually be awake during the procedure, but she will be given pain medication to help keep her comfortable. 

After the puppies are born, they will need to be cleaned off and dried. They will also need to be fed, as their stomachs are still too small to digest solid food. The mother will usually be able to do this herself, but if she cannot, the vet or French Bulldog breeder will need to step in. 

The entire birthing process can take several hours, but it is ultimately a gratifying experience for both the mother and the puppies. Once they are all safe and healthy, they can finally begin their life together as a family.


How Many Puppies Can French Bulldogs Have at Once?

The number of puppies born per litter is 2-6. Most French Bulldogs will have between two and six puppies at a time, though litter sizes can range from one to twelve. French Bulldogs are relatively small dogs, so they tend to have smaller litters than some other breeds. The average litter of puppies size for a French Bulldog is three to four puppies

How Much Is a French Bulldog C-Section?

If you’re thinking about getting a French Bulldog, there’s one crucial question you need to ask: how much is a French Bulldog C-section? After all, this breed is notorious for having difficulty giving birth naturally. In fact, according to the American Kennel Club, nearly 60% of French Bulldog litters are born via C-section. So, if you’re planning on adding a Frenchie to your family, be prepared to pay upwards of $2000 for the surgery. However, it’s important to remember that the cost of a C-section is just a drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime of love and companionship that your new furry friend will bring.

Why do French Bulldogs Need Cesarean-Section?

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their playful personality and love of cuddling. However, French Bulldogs also have an exceptional physical characteristic that sets them apart from other dogs – their short noses. This anatomical feature can cause several health issues, including difficulty breathing and natural birth. In fact, over 50% of French Bulldog puppies are born via cesarean section. While this surgical procedure is relatively standard in veterinary medicine, it does carry some risks. Fortunately, most French Bulldogs recover quickly from surgery and lead happy and healthy lives. Thanks to advances in veterinary care, more and more French Bulldogs can enjoy all the joys of life with their families.

How Long are French Bulldogs Pregnant For?

Due to their narrow hips, many French Bulldogs require artificial insemination to become pregnant. The good news is that Artificial Insemination (AI) is a relatively straightforward procedure that a qualified veterinarian can perform. Once AI is successful, French Bulldogs are pregnant for an average of 63 days. Though this may seem like a long wait, it’s nothing compared to the years of joy that a French Bulldog pup will bring into your life.

When Can I Start Introducing My Puppy to Other Dogs?

If you’ve recently welcomed a puppy into your home, you may be wondering when the best time is to start socializing them with other dogs. While getting your pup used to being around other animals, it’s also crucial to wait until they’re old enough to be fully vaccinated. This is because puppies are at a higher risk of contracting diseases before being fully immunized. Once your puppy has received all of its shots, you can begin taking them on short leash walks around the neighborhood. You can also visit dog parks and pet stores, where they’ll have the opportunity to meet various dogs. You can help your puppy build confidence and forge lasting friendships with other furry friends with patience and positive reinforcement.

How Many Times Can You Breed a French Bulldog Female?

The answer, unfortunately, is not as straightforward as you might hope. French Bulldogs typically have smaller litter sizes than other breeds, so they may not be able to produce as many offspring. Additionally, French Bulldogs are susceptible to several health problems that can make breeding difficult or even dangerous. For these reasons, it’s essential to talk to your veterinarian before breeding your French Bulldog female more than once or twice. With proper care and consideration, you can help ensure that your dog has a healthy and prosperous breeding experience.