Are French Bulldogs Aggressive? 5 Detailed Factors

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Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

Being a french bulldog lover and owner of different breeds of dog, the question that I commonly heard about the French bulldog’s breed is: are french bulldogs aggressive?

So in the scenario of repeatedly facing this question, I finally decided to write something about this common perception and make things clear for you guys.

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is like any other dog, a French bulldog is a dog first, and then it’s come to his breed.

So yes, he can be aggressive like any other dog during certain events.

He has the same gene as his fellows have and so he has the potential to be aggressive.

But Wait!!!! If you think after reading these lines that your perception of Frenchie is right then you are wrong. He is usually not aggressive at all.

  1. Myths
  2. Reality
  3. Ignorance
  4. Division of Attention
  5. Fear of Being Left Alone for Long Hours

Are you surprised? Please go ahead and read the full guide below!

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive

Nature of a French Bulldog: Myths Vs. Reality

#1 Myths

If you are a bulldog owner, especially a French bulldog owner, you may hear many myths about him some of the most common are:

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive

These are the most common myths about this little creature that you generally heard from different people.

However, the reality is far away from these kinds of perceptions.

I must say that people who believe in these rumors have no knowledge about Frenchie or they have never experienced any kind of interaction with him.

#2 Reality

French bulldogs are the most loving and playful. They behave very well-mannered and they are so much attached to their owners.

I have a French bulldogFluffy” and he never leaves me alone even for a minute when I returned home from the office.

Sometimes, when I don’t give him much attention because of my busy schedule, he even expresses his anger towards me in the form of not playing with me or ignoring my voice.

Frenchie is like that!!

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive

But then the question that comes into mind here is why he is considered aggressive when in actuality he is not.

Causes of Aggressiveness of French Bulldogs

As of my experience, this breed is usually fine with each other but sometimes he shows some level of aggression towards other dogs of the same gender.

It usually occurs when:

These are the main reasons for the aggressiveness of this dog.

Other Factors

Let me tell you some interesting factors about this dog that you need to know to understand the reason for his aggression completely.

#3 Ignorance

No Frenchie is like to be ignored for a long time. He wants to be around you and to be loved by you all the time. And when you ignored him for any reason, this causes fear in him that you may leave him and it leads to aggression in him.

#4 Division of Attention

One of cute traits of Frenchie is that he wants to become the center of attraction every time.

He starts growling sometimes when another dog or animal or even child comes at you to hug you just because he doesn’t want anyone to come near to you other than him.

But sometimes this charming trait may create a problem for him.


It is because he never bears a diversion of attention from his owner.

He doesn’t like any new face or any new addition in his owner’s house and when this happens, it may trigger aggression in him.

#5 Fear of Being Left Alone for Long Hours

If you left alone your French bulldog for a long time, then you may become a cause of aggression of him.

Frenchie is the kind of dog that loves his owner more than anything in the world and it’s unbearable for him to be separated from you for a longer time.

This causes anxiety in him.

So if you are too much busy in your daily life and unable to reach home for a longer time in a day then it’s better to consider a breed other than Frenchie to be a pet because Frenchie doesn’t like to be alone for a long time.

You surely think now if this aggression causes any harm to anyone?

Level of Aggression

If you think that level of aggression of a French bulldog is very high and he may bite anyone who comes in front of him then you are mistaken!!

His aggression is never been much more than barking and growling.

He rarely attacks someone physically unless he is in danger and feels trapped.

Just like humans, dogs can also react in case of any uncertain situation.

For example, if your family goes somewhere and you are at home all alone. A thief enters your house and targets you with his gun.

What would you do?

You surely adopt defensive some defensive strategy.

The same is the case with Frenchie. When he is scared of something, he reacts in all possible ways to save himself and you can expect everything for him i.e. attacking, biting, etc. and it’s a natural behavior of almost every dog.

The question that may come into your mind is whether there is any relation between the gender of a French bulldog with aggression.

Gender of French Bulldog and Aggression

Let me clear you a common myth about Frenchie, i.e. ‘Male French bulldog is more aggressive than female.’

But in reality, aggression has nothing to do with the gender of this tiny creature.

There is a female Frenchie in my neighbor “Diny.” Her owner is very concerned about her and she doesn’t obey her and is very stubborn and aggressive.

On the other hand, my “Fluffy” although he is male he is so much obedient, gentle, and kind.

So it’s wrong to fool yourself regarding the gender of a French bulldog.

It all depends on the training and upbringing of your dog.

Strategies to deal with aggression of Frenchie:

Now I am going to tell you the ways by which you can handle the aggressiveness of your French bulldog.

Train Your Dog At The Initial Level

Your Frenchie aggressiveness depends upon the level of training you give to him.

If you trained your fluffy at a younger age, they can easily adjust to other animals or pets in the house.

You can train him to share his things with others and live to combine with other pets.

And believe me, if you trained your bulldog at a younger age, he can quickly adapt all the habits and easily adjust to any environment.

If you can’t train a younger Frenchie, then it’s better for you to adopt an adult French bulldog who is already trained to avoid any kind of risk.

Adopt An Authoritative Strategy

Let remind your bulldog that you are his owner and that your command is necessary to be fulfilled.

It’s a trait of Frenchie that he considers himself in charge of his house.

But to control his anger, you have to be strong and commanding, confident and have a strong voice to remind him that it is you who are in charge.

It doesn’t mean that you start shouting over him, but you just have to be authoritative to keep him within his limit.

You can ignore if he does something wrong to realize that he is mistaken. Don’t let him be a Boss!

The CAT (Constructional Aggression Treatment) Method

In this method, you have to remove your dog from his comfort zone and force them to accept what is triggering their adrenaline to increase.

By this method, you can teach your dog to face his fears on his own, and in this way, he started accepting the situation, and he can realize that his owner is not going to go away.

Highchairs For Dogs

The most common question that I heard from different people is: Are French bulldogs family dogs?

And the answer is an absolute Yes!!!

French Bulldog: A Family Dog

Frenchie is a complete family dog. He is the friendliest dog in all breeds.

He loves to be surrounded by people and he is the loveliest dog in nature. He loves his family member as no one can.

He is great with children and also loves to play with them.

My Frenchie Fluffy starts licking my son when he returns from school and tries to play with him every time.

I can easily leave my son with him alone, and I have no fear that Fluffy gives him any kind of harm.

My son enjoys Fluffy’s company more than mine.

It’s totally up to you how to become a leader of your dog and realized to him that you are human and so the command is always in your hand.

A typical French bulldog is perfect to be pet as he is loyal, obedient, playful, and very loving, so you will most probably not have any trouble keeping them under control.


Are French Bulldogs Aggressive With Cats?

Yes! French bulldogs are good with cats.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive With Other Dogs?

Yes! French bulldogs are good with other dogs.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive To Humans?

French Bulldogs are good with humans and they get along with most animals and humans.

Before You Go

To conclude, I would say that myths are just…myths. French bulldogs are incredibly loving in nature.

They are what you teach them to be. If you teach them to be aggressive, that is what they will be; if you teach them to be loving, they will be.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive 5 Detailed Factors - PIN

So, adopt them, love them, nurture them, and they will be your best friend forever.

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