The Best 10 Soft Brushes For Bulldogs

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Though Bulldogs are easy to maintain and need minimum grooming, their wrinkled skin and fur require moderate attention. Grooming is an essential part of pet parenting and must be done every day for proper results.

For me, these are my top 10 choices for the best soft brushes for bulldogs that you can choose for your fur baby.

I advise you to choose the right type of brush for your Bulldog as every breed has a different type of fur which grows differently and has different layers.

While some might need extensive grooming, Bulldogs are easier to maintain and need soft brushes for Bulldogs for their light fur.

However, before buying the right brush, make sure you consider some factors based on your dogs, like their age, health conditions, sensitivity, and fur length.

Let’s have a look at the best soft brushes for Bulldogs

have a look at the best soft brushes for Bulldogs

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

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This is my favorite! This de-shedding tool is specially designed for large breed dogs who weigh more than 50 pounds and have shorter hair, making it perfect for your Bulldog.

The brush comes with curved edges that make it extremely comfortable on dogs yet help in the effective removal of the undercoat hair gently. The brush reduces the shedding of the hair with regular use. The Furminator Brush can be used any time, be it before or after a bath, after drying, or while the coat is still wet.

I like that the brush comes with a user-friendly handle, giving comfort and a good grip. It also has a Fur Ejector button that easily removes the fur collected on the brush with just a single push.

However, before buying this brush, make sure your dog has no sores, bruises or other similar skin conditions as it might irritate them.

Features of the Brush:

  • Comes with a curved edge that matches the pet’s natural shape.
  • The brush is gentle on the skin and does not irritate.
  • Comes with a Fur Ejector button to discard the hair on the brush.
  • Can be used to groom both dry and wet coats.

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

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This brush is perfect for removing the loose dead hair from your puppy and, thus; reduces shedding in no time. It reduces shedding by 95% and makes grooming easy.

The brush easily slides through the upper coat of your dog and works swiftly on the undercoat, making it tangle-free and shiny.

Regular use of this brush has shown significant results in decreasing the loose hair in due time.

I like that the Pet Neat Grooming Brush has an easy-grip handle that makes it easy to use. It is aided with a 100mm stainless steel blade that combs through thick hair yet stays sturdy.

The brush is protected by a cover that protects the user from any accidents if your dogs move. It is gentle on the coat of your bulldog and causes no discomfort.

With continuous use, I have found that the brush can reduce shedding to a great extent and is perfect for both short and long-haired dogs.

Features of the Brush:

  • Removes dirt and debris easily from hair with a single stroke.
  • Has a convenient detachable head design that makes it easier to use and store.
  • The 4-inch blade gently combs the thick hair, swiftly without causing discomfort.

Pet Neat Dog Brush

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This unique brush comes with a dual-head that easily removes tangles from your dog’s hair and at the same time, reduces shedding. It has a 22 teeth head that detangles and reduces mats.

It also has an 87 teeth side that aids thinning and deshedding. The brush reduced my grooming time as it is extremely swift in its action and reduces falling of pet hair by more than 95%.

The blade swiftly enters below the topcoat and removes the loose dead hairs easily.

This dog brush has curvy ends and corners that make it safe for the skin and at the same time is user-friendly. It also has a TPR non-slip handle that gives good grip for the user to use it.

Features of the Brush:

  • Dual blades reduce shedding and tangle from fur.
  • Sharp teeth makes sure the job is done.
  • Firm grip and user-friendly design.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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If you are looking for a brush that would remove the trapped dirt and groom your dog’s undercoat simultaneously, then this is a perfect choice.

This slicker brush comes with soft fine bristles that gently detangle your dog’s hair, removing all the debris and making it look shiny. It comes with a retractable system, that when pressed, the bristle comes out, and when not used, it goes inside the socket.

After the grooming is done, the retractable system can be pressed again to remove all the excess fur from the bristles.

This soft brush is exceptionally comfortable for my bulldog. The gentle massages improve blood flow in their body that makes their fur shiny.

It comes with a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle that will protect you from wrist strain and makes grooming easy.

Features of the Brush:

  • Fine bristles that are comfortable on the skin.
  • Easy to use, retractable bristles that are prevented from bending.
  • Removes loose hair from the undercoat and reduces shedding.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

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Pat your Pet Grooming gloves as the name suggests, comes in a glove format that makes brushing your dog’s coat easy. Made from superior rubber, the rounded tips of the fingers gently massage your dog’s skin and help them feel relaxed.

The soft bristles on the gloves make removing the loose hair from the undercoat easier. The convenient design makes it easy to use and grooms even the hard to reach places like the face or tail.

This glove is easy to use and has adjustable straps that can be worn by anyone. It can be used to groom dry as well as a wet coat with dry or wet shampoo.

Regular use of this brush can help in reducing fur shedding. After the grooming session, you can pull out the excess hair from the glove easily without any mess or hassle.

Features of the Brush:

  • Unique design that can be used by everyone.
  • Rounded tips with soft bristles that gently massage the skin of your dog.
  • Reduces shedding by slowly removing the loose hair and is perfect for all fur sizes.

Safari by Coastal Pin & Bristle

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This Coastal Pin and Bristle Combination Brush comes with two types of bristles, one with sharp pin bristles that easily removes tangles and debris along with the loose hair from the coat of your dog and a soft-bristle head that gently massages the body of your dog and evenly spreads the essential oils on its skin.

It nurtures the fur of the dog and makes sure the coat remains glossy and healthy.

The side having the pin bristles can be used to fluff the coat of your dog by brushing it against the direction of hair growth.

I find it ideal for daily use because of its ergonomic design. It comes with a comfort-grip handle that makes it pleasant.

The brush is designed in a variety of sizes that you can choose according to the size and age of your Bulldog, from small, medium and large sizes.

Features of the Brush:

  • The dual function helps detangle hair and massage the fur.
  • Easy to use with no hassle.
  • Evenly distributes the natural oils on the skin, promoting a healthy coat.

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Double Sided Pin and Hemp Bristle Dog Brush

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Manufactured by the trusted brand Burt’s Bees, this double-sided brush comes with a pin side and a hemp bristle side. You can use it to efficiently remove the mats from your dog’s hair.

It removes debris, leaves and other particles easily, without pulling out the extra hair. The brush comes with a softer hemp bristle side that gently massages the fur and removes loose hair from the undercoat, reducing shedding.

This brush is made from recycled bamboo and is completely eco-friendly. It uses no plastic and is safe for your dog. The product is extremely sturdy and durable, unlike most other soft brushes for Bulldogs.

Features of the Brush:

  • Dual side for complete grooming of your dog’s fur.
  • Eco-Friendly brush made from recycled wood that is completely safe.
  • A durable and sturdy design which is economical for the user.

Oster Combo Brush for Dogs

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Though this brush was primarily made for cats, it has become one of the best soft brushes for Bulldogs. The brush comes with two sides – one side has soft bristles that give your bulldog a lustrous coat and the other side has rounded pins that help to detangle the matted fur.

It easily removes the dead hair from the undercoat and gives a clean, soft undercoat.

This Combo Brush comes with an ergonomic handle that has grooves, giving it a good grip.  For me, the brush was very comfortable to use and control. The comb is very gentle on my bulldog’s skin and has improved his fur quality.

Features of the Brush:

  • Dual Heads that aids complete grooming of your dog.
  • Stylish design with good grip to reduce strain on the wrist.
  • Gentle bristles that make sure your dog has clean and mat-free fur without being rough on the skin.

KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Toy

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Kong has always been one of the popular and trustworthy brands when it comes to pet grooming essentials. This Zoom Groom brush from Kong is one of the simple yet effective grooming toys that you can try for your Bulldog.

It boast a very unique design with soft cones instead of bristles attached on the other side. The cones gently loosen up the tangled hair and at the same time nourishes the follicle that promotes healthy skin and healthy coat.

It is ideal for use on wet hair while applying shampoo or on dry hair, to reduce shedding.

This brush comes in two variants, each depicted by colour. The pink variant is specially designed for puppies, and the blue variant is perfect for other sizes. Both the variants are very comfortable on the dog’s skin and cause no irritation.

Features of the Brush:

  • Unique and highly functional design.
  • Skin-friendly and gentle on the fur of your dog.
  • Sturdy and toy-like appearance makes sure your dog loves it.

Bodhi Dog New Grooming pet Shampoo Brush

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This brush is made from soft, skin-friendly rubber that easily scrubs away the debris and other dirt from your bulldog’s coat and makes it look fresh and healthy.

It is ideal to use while bathing your dog, using a shampoo or conditioner, as it gently rubs the lather through the fur, making it effective. Along with this, it increases the lather production, enabling deep cleaning.

This brush massages gently with its soft bristles and at the same time, make sure your dog gets rid of all loose hair from its coat. The product works effectively as a de-shedding tool and manages to reduce shedding in due time.

If you have a pet with sensitive skin, this brush is the perfect solution. As it is handheld, refrain from pulling away the extra hair. You can wear this brush on your palm, with a border to make it stay at the place and gently massage through your dog’s fur.

Features of the Brush:

  • Being handheld, it gives you the complete control.
  • The soft rubber bristles are extra gentle on the skin.
  • Works as a deshedder both in a dry coat or wet coat, with shampoo.

What are the common skin conditions in Bulldog to keep in mind while brushing?

What are the common skin conditions in Bulldog to keep in mind while brushing

Bulldogs are prone to skin diseases and sometimes need extra care. Before brushing the fur of your dog, make sure it has none of the following skin problems, else; emergencies can arise. In such cases, consult your vet.

  1. Eczema:

Eczema is one of the most common diseases in Bulldogs. It results in itchy patches of skin and often leads to open sores that can be very painful in itself. If your dog has open sores, then avoid using a brush as it can worsen the condition.

  • Impetigo:

This is a common condition in puppies where there appear small blisters, especially on the stomach or abdominal area. If pricked while brushing, it can be very painful for your puppy.

  • Folliculitis:

This is another condition where the hair follicles become inflamed, and infection occurs at the pores.

This often gives rise to sores and similar scars. It mostly occurs due to an aftereffect of the underlying condition and must be consulted with the vet before starting to brush the fur.

  • Bald Patches:

This condition is very common in dogs with medium or small coat size. Sometimes, due to excessive hair fall or itchy scalp, patches of bald spots appear, making the scalp reddish or scaly. It might be due to any parasitic or fungal infection.

Types of Bulldog Coat

Before you pick on the right soft brush for your Bulldog you will need to understand what kind of coat your pooch has. These breeds have different kinds of coat, and each will require a different kind of brush. Let’s take a look at the different types of coat Bulldogs have.

Thickness and length

The thickness and length of the fur will help determine the type of soft brushes for Bulldogs that should be used. The bristles should be soft and short for those with a light or thin coat.

If your Bulldog has a thicker coat, then you will need to use a thicker brush that would penetrate the thick coat and remove whatever tangles or dirt that may be stuck on the fur.

The delicate, smooth or wiry coat

The best brush for your Bulldog is one which is compatible with the texture of the fur. Soft Brushes for Bulldogs for their delicate coats should be such that you can brush it without pulling or breaking the fur or hurting the skin of your pooch.

Wiry coats need a firm brush to detangle and to clean the fur. Smooth coats require thick yet soft brushes for Bulldogs to ensure a clean, shiny and healthy coat.


All dogs do not have undercoats, but those who do, need special attention and regular grooming. Fluffy undercoats require vigorous brushing.

Type of Soft Brushes for Bulldogs

Type of Soft Brushes for Bulldogs

Bristle Brush

These types of soft brushes for Bulldogs have clusters of bristles in sections and are ideal to use on Bulldogs with short and wiry coats.

The bristle type not only clears out the tangles but also clean out any kind of dirt or debris that may have gotten in during playtime. These brushes will keep your Bulldog’s coat clean and shiny.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes have pins and curved heads and are ideal for clearing out tangles as well as removing loose fur. The best advantage of these soft brushes for Bulldogs is that they work on almost all types of Bulldog coats.

Pin Brush

These types of soft brushes for Bulldogs use wire pins with a plastic or rubber tip. This is an ideal brush for Bulldogs with silky coats. It will help to detangle the fur and maintain the silkiness of your Bulldog’s coat.

Undercoat Brushes

Some Bulldogs have undercoats which are useful to regulate the temperature in winter as well as in summer. Dogs with undercoats require a little extra grooming, especially after winter.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Brush For Your Bulldog

Before you decide on buying a brush for your dog, make sure you go through the following points I have mentioned and then choose the right product.

As every dog is unique, it is essential to understand their needs before buying anything for them. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose the right brush for your dog. But, it would become easy if you keep the following factors in mind:

You must make sure the brush you get for your dog matches its size. There are different soft brushes for Bulldogs, both puppies and adults. As puppies have a lighter coat, the bristles differ than that of the hard bristles meant for adult dogs.

If your dog has sensitive skin, the brush you choose should be skin-friendly and gentle on skin. Selecting a wrong brush can cause irritation and lead to sores.

  • Abnormal hair condition:

If your dog has an abnormal fur condition or excessive hair fall resulting in bald patches, consult your vet before buying a brush.

Choosing the right shampoo is also essential to ensure your dog has healthy fur and scalp. Make sure the shampoo you choose is free from harmful chemicals and is natural.

Similarly, choosing the right dry shampoo and conditioner is also essential as they keep your dog’s fur healthy.

  • Experience:

If your bulldog has previously experienced irritation or problems from a certain type of brush or has rejected or shown tantrums for a special kind of brush, then try to respect that. Choosing a different brush can be a good experience this time, and your dog might love the new brush.

  • Expert Opinion

Always make sure to get an expert opinion from your vet about the products you choose for your dog. Your vet thoroughly knows about the skin and fur of your dog and will recommend it according to their needs.

  • Reviews

Before buying any product online, read the associated reviews. Customers who have already bought the product will let you know about the pros and cons of the product, and you can take help from there.

How Do You Brush a Bulldog?

How Do You Brush a Bulldog

As Bulldogs have a short coat, it becomes quite easy to spend a few minutes grooming them. However, grooming is an essential part of their regime as brushing gets rid of their dead and loose hair, evenly distributes the essential oil on their skin, and makes their coat lustrous and shiny.

Choose the right brush and follow the given steps to groom your Bulldog:

  • Before you start brushing your dog, move outside, preferably in a lawn or garden. Though Bulldogs have a shorter coat, dead hairs could cover up your home and make your interiors messy.
  • Move the brush on your own hand. If it is rough on your skin, then it might be uncomfortable for your dog too.
  • Once you find the right brush that makes your dog calm, gently brush towards the growth of hair, from the head towards the tail. Be extra careful while brushing the belly and genital area.
  • Make sure that every dead hair from the undercoat is removed.
  • Brush the tail and the head of your dog gently without causing discomfort.
  • Take a dry wipe and gently massage through the fur to remove the remaining dead hair, mud or other debris.
  • Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water. Lift up each wrinkle on your dog’s face and wipe away the dirt, excess food. Hold the wrinkle up till the water dries and then move towards the next fold.
  • Make sure to groom your Bulldog in the same process, at least once a day.

Tips for Brushing your Bulldog

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times should I brush my Bulldog?

A- Though Bulldogs have a lighter coat when compared to a labrador or Retriever, it is essential to brush them at least once a day. This is highly recommended as it will reduce their hair fall and make their fur look shiny and glossy. However, if you run a tight schedule, make sure to brush your Bulldog at least once a week.

2. Should I brush my Bulldog wet or dry?

A- Though like all other dogs, you can brush your Bulldog in both wet or dry conditions, I recommended you to brush your bulldog when he is completely dried up. As wet fur becomes tangled easily, brushing will make it tough and result in more hair loss.

3. Can slicker brushes hurt my Bulldog?

A- It is a wrong mindset that using a slicker brush can hurt the dog. But using a slicker brush in a wrong way can hurt your dog. If you use the brush in the wrong direction or you choose a brush with very sharp edges can hurt your dog.

4. What happens if I don’t brush my Bulldog regularly?

A- If you don’t brush or groom your Bulldog often, it might result in tangled hair, cysts on the scalp from the accumulation of debris, skin infections, loose fur and ear infections. If not treated, it can result in severe disorders of skin and ear.


The Best 10 Soft Brushes For Bulldogs

It is essential to choose the right brush for your Bulldog to ensure great results and a happy furball. Make sure you choose the brush, keeping in mind the given recommendations and tips.

Routine grooming with shampooing and conditioning will definitely give your Bulldog the perfect clean coat with shine.

If your dog has special sensitive skin, make sure you consult your vet before choosing any products.