How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost? Best Complete Guide

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I think you are here to know how much is a Fluffy French Bulldog cost?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this rare breed – from their temperament and appearance to how much they typically sell for.

A fluffy French bulldog is known as the cutest dog on the planet.

A fluffy French bulldog is a breed that looks like a miniature French bulldog and has a very soft, floppy coat. The cost of a fluffy French bulldog ranges from $15,000 to $170,000. But trust me – they are well worth the price!

Check this article to learn more about how much is a fluffy french bulldog cost! And more critical information before welcoming new fluffy to your home.

What Are Fluffy French Bulldogs

What Are Fluffy French Bulldogs
Image Source: From @wasatchfrontfrenchies

Fluffy French Bulldogs are a rare and coveted type of French Bulldog. They are characterized by their thick, fluffy hair, ranging in color from white to cream to tan to black.

While they may look like cuddly teddy bears, Fluffy French Bulldogs are athletic and energetic dogs. They love to play fetch and tug-of-war and excel at agility courses.

In addition to their physical activity, they also need mental stimulation through interactive toys and puzzles.

But despite their high energy levels, Fluffy French Bulldogs are also known for being gentle and loving dogs that make great companions.

So a Fluffy French Bulldog might be the perfect pet if you’re looking for a furry friend who keeps you active and makes your couch feel even cozier.

Appearance and Temperament of a Fluffy Frenchie

Appearance and Temperament of a Fluffy Frenchie
Image Source: From @wasatchfrontfrenchies

Fluffy Frenchies are a relatively new dog breed, having only been around since the early 2000s.

They are a cross between a French Bulldog and a Briard, and they inherit the best of both breeds.

Fluffy Frenchies are intelligent and affectionate, making them great family pets. They are also relatively easy to train and excel at agility trials and other canine sports.

However, their most distinctive feature is their coat. Fluffy Frenchies have a thick double coat that can be either curly or wavy.

The outer coat is usually longer than the inner coat and often has a ruff around the neck. The most common colors are black, brindle, fawn, and white.

However, regardless of their coloration, all Fluffy Frenchies have one thing in common: they’re adorable!

The Appearance of Fluffy Frenchie

The Appearance of Fluffy Frenchie
Image Source: From @whatabulldogtx

Fluffy Frenchie, or French Bulldog, is a popular dog breed known for its unique appearance. The most noticeable feature of a Fluffy Frenchie is its long, fluffy coat.

While this may make them look cute and cuddly, it is essential to note that their long hair requires special care.

In addition to regular brushing, Fluffy Frenchies must be bathed frequently to prevent mats and tangles and can help rid any loose hair that doesn’t fall out on its own.

Otherwise, they can become uncomfortable and even suffer from skin problems. Despite the extra work required to care for their soft coat, many dog owners find that the joy of owning a Fluffy Frenchie outweighs the cons.

Tell Me the Fluffy French Bulldog’s Appearance?

French bulldogs with fluffy coats have a long coat compared to the usual breeds, but the coat is a little longer. Imagining a dog with swept-up hair on the floor can make one feel deceit.

The hairs of the women are usually thicker and wavy because they think they are French and not French.

List a few commonly used coat colors:

Lilac and Fawn Fluffy Frenchie - How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?
White Fluffy Frenchie - How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?
Blue and Tan Fluffy Frenchie - How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?
Image Source: From @ourfamilyfrenchies1
Black Fluffy Frenchie - How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?
Image Source: From @dougiethefrenchie
  • Blue Merle

After all, what’s not to love about a dog with such a fun and unique appearance?

The Temperament of A Fluffy Frenchie

The Fluffy French Bulldog is a popular breed of dog known for its lovable temperament and adorable appearance. However, there is more to this breed than meets the eye.

Here are some fascinating facts about the Fluffy French Bulldog:

Is the Temperament of A Fluffy French Bulldog the Same as That of A Short-Haired French Bulldog?

Is the Temperament of A Fluffy French Bulldog the Same as That of A Short-Haired French Bulldog?

Although the hair length is slightly different, the temperaments are similar to that of French bulldogs. This fluffy French Bulldog makes an excellent family pet like their shorter cousins.

Frenchies are fun-loving dog that loves to play with the little one.

Moreover, these individuals may be anxious when it comes to separation. Our tiny Frenchie often gets into trouble because he has not been supervised or looked after.

So, the Fluffy French Bulldog may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a lovable, furry friend!

Where to Find the Breeders of A Fluffy Frenchie

Where to Find the Breeders of A Fluffy Frenchie

It is not that hard. There are plenty of breeders worldwide, and it is easy to find them online. The only problem is that you should be cautious when choosing a breeder.

Some people don’t realize that they are not qualified to sell purebred dogs. They can sell dogs that are not purebred at all.

These dogs can include mongrels, crosses, and mixes. That’s why it is essential to look into the background of the person selling the dog.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the breeders for Fluffy French Bulldog, then here are my six recommended breeders for the Fluffy French Bulldog in the United States: 

  1. AKC Marketplace – Nationwide
  2. Frenchie Classifieds
  3. REO Ranch – Carmel Valley, CA
  4. Beantown Frenchies – Andover, MA
  5. Francoeur French Bulldogs – Southern CA
  6. – West Palm Beach, FL

AKC Marketplace – Nationwide

AKC Marketplace - Nationwide -  Fluffy Frenchie breeders

The AKC Marketplace is one of the best places to buy a Frenchie for sale. This is because it has hundreds of breeders listed on the site.

However, it’s important to note that the list of the sellers may be fake. You should only use this site if you want to buy puppies.

Don’t use the AKC marketplace to purchase adults. This is because you can’t get refunds for adult dogs

Frenchie Classifieds

Frenchie Classifieds -  Fluffy Frenchie breeders

Frenchie Classifieds is a popular classifieds site with tens of thousands of listings across the US. The Frenchie Classifieds website is for those who want to buy a Frenchie and need help finding a Frenchie breeder

It is also for those who already own a Frenchie, are looking for a new puppy, and want to advertise their current Frenchie.

REO Ranch – Carmel Valley, CA

REO Ranch - Fluffy Frenchie breeders

After having been around for 20 years, REO Ranch still holds a special place in the hearts of many dog lovers. The ranch is home to the most famous French bulldogs in the world. They specialize in the breeding and selling of purebred French Bulldogs.

REO Ranch’s puppies are raised in our home and are only sold through a limited number of reputable breeders who share our love of this breed.

Beantown Frenchies – Andover, MA

Beantown Frenchies - Fluffy Frenchie breeders

Beantown Frenchies is another reputable breeder for Fluffy french bulldogs, located in Andover, MA. The fluffy French bulldog breed is among the rarest dog breeds worldwide. You can check the Beantown website for more information if you want to purchase your first Fluffy Frenchie

Francoeur French Bulldogs – Southern CA

Francoeur French Bulldogs - Fluffy Frenchie breeders

If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your dog, you can visit the Francoeur French Bulldog Breeders’ website.

Here you can learn more about the breed, see a list of puppy pictures and read reviews from other customers. – West Palm Beach, FL - Fluffy Frenchie breeders

There are many dog breeds, but there aren’t too many of the Fluffy French Bulldog variety. 

Their website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. They even have a one-year full health guarantee. They also offer a %100 refund if there is anything wrong with your puppy

How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?

How Much Is a Fluffy French Bulldog Cost?

A few years ago, my family got a puppy named Fluffy. I researched the cost of owning a fluffy French bulldog and discovered that the average cost was around $20,000.

But that wasn’t entirely accurate. Some places reported the price around $13,000, but those places were not legitimate. 

I think you should spend the money you have to buy a fluffy French bulldog if you want one. But before you do so, you should know some essential facts about the breed. Fluffy French bulldogs are usually small dogs.

They weigh anywhere between five and ten pounds, depending on their age. You can choose to buy your pet in the spring, summer, or fall. These dogs are very affectionate and very playful.

They love to play games with their owners. I recommend buying a French bulldog to be with a friendly and affectionate dog.

It’s also important to remember that you need to train your pet properly. Dogs that have a lot of training come with a high price tag.

But if you take good care of your dog, it will give you a lot of joy and love in return.

It may be expensive if you don’t take good care of your dog.

So, if you want to buy a fluffy french bulldog puppy, you should learn the proper way to do it.

How Much Does a Fluffy Frenchie Puppy Cost?

How Much Does a Fluffy Frenchie Puppy Cost?

Fluffy Frenchie puppies aren’t cheap, and these Frenchies puppies can be around $13,000 and $117,000. You shouldn’t spend all your money on a Frenchie, but if you’re set on it, you’ll want to be prepared to spend at least several thousand dollars.

Male Fluffy Frenchies are often cheaper than females. You’ll want to find a reputable breeder who can help you find the right dog for your family.

Can Fluffy French Bulldogs Swim?

French bulldog owners should be with and support fluffy french bulldogs when they are swimming. Because of their short legs, they cannot swim too well. They need help getting in and out of the water.

When you’re looking for a fluffy Frenchie, be sure to check out all of the options that are available to you. Many reputable breeders specialize in breeding Fluffy Frenchies, who can provide you with a healthy, happy puppy.

Is Fluffy French Bulldog Purebred?

Is fluffy Frenchie purebred? Is that correct? There will be three kinds of fluffy Frenchie breeders whose origin is different — let me go into detail.

Fluffy French Bulldog puppies will likely come from purebreds based on results obtained by various companies.

They can even carry the name ‘Satter Dog,’ which causes their short hair. Moreover, some Frenchie has thick hairs mated with long-haired dogs, e.g., long-haired Chihuahuas.

Fluffy French Bulldogs are purebred dogs, but the term “purebred” is often used to describe any dog bred for specific traits, rather than exclusively referring to those dogs that are the result of two purebred parents.

While the definition of a Fluffy Frenchies purebred is usually agreed upon, the purpose of a breed can vary between countries. In some places, a mixed-breed dog is still considered a purebred dog, even if it doesn’t come from two purebred parents, while in others, any dog of a breed may be called a purebred.

Purebred dogs are often associated with a particular country, such as the United States, but this isn’t always the case. For example, some breeds popular in the United States are rare elsewhere.

In the United States, selling purebred puppies to anyone other than a licensed breeder or a shelter is illegal. However, mixed-breed dogs and purebred dogs can live together happily, and many people choose to have both.

Some people like that they can get a different kind of dog, such as a dog with a lot of personalities or a dog that has been trained for specific purposes, without having to give up on a purebred dog that they have grown attached to.

What Is a Fluffy French Bulldog? Is It True that They Exist?

Fluffy Frances is an English Bulldog that is considered to be a hybrid due to its long hair and appearance and short coat.

They use two other names to refer to their coat: “Fluffy French Bulldog” and “Longhaired French Bulldog.” Its origin confuses dog owners and novice breeders because two separate accounts show how the dogs came about.

Fluffy Frenchies come about because the Frenchie mom and dad are mated with another breed with a long hair gene.

They carry the rare recessive gene that doesn’t usually appear in the purebred short-haired French Bulldogs

Some say that the gene comes from the terriers or ratter dogs brought to England during the Industrial Revolution. Ratter dogs were used to kill rats in factories and warehouses.

In the 1850s, the french bulldog became popular and first appeared in dog shows in the 1860s.

What Does a Fluffy French Bulldog Look Like?

The fluffy French Bulldog looks like ordinary Frances except in the coats. The long-haired Frenchies have hair that can be slightly larger than a typical French dog hairstyle. The Fluffy Frenchies have long hair and a short coat.

The Fluffy Frenchy resembles short-haired counterparts with sturdy and compact bodies. These puppies can stand at 11-13 feet tall and weigh between 17 and 24 pounds.

The long-coated french bulldog is a type of french bulldog that has a coat of long hair. Per the American kennel club breed standard, the coat should not be so long as to obscure the dog’s vision or impede its movement.

The hair on the head is short and smooth, but there is long hair on the body, particularly around the neck, chest, and back legs. The coat may be any color or combination of colors that are found in short-haired french bulldogs.

The average french bulldog lives to be about 11 years old, but some may live even longer. Many different health problems can affect french bulldogs, but with proper care and treatment, most Frenchies live long and happy lives.

The Frenchie puppy has the characteristic bat ears of the Frenchie breed, which are set high on the head. The face is short and flat, with a black “mask” around the eyes.

The coat of a French Bulldog can be short, smooth, and delicate, or long, soft, and silky. Some have a wavy coat that lies close to the body, while others have curls.

Common Health Problems of A Fluffy Frenchie

What Are The Common Fluffy French Bulldog Health Issues?

Fluffy French bulldogs are prone to various health issues, including respiratory issues, allergies, and joint problems.

Artificial insemination often used to breed these dogs, can also cause health issues.

Some of the most common health issues for fluffy French bulldogs include:


Frenchie dogs often have problems with allergies. This is especially true for the skin

Many dog owners claim that their Frenchie has dermatitis. 

They claim that their Frenchie has very oily skin. The problem with this is that it makes them even more likely to have issues with the skin and long hair. Allergic reactions can happen if you leave your Frenchie’s furlong.

Hip Dysplasia

Another problem that many fluffy Frenchie owners complain about is hip dysplasia. This is another disease that affects dogs. In short, this is a condition where the hip joint doesn’t form and move properly. The main symptoms of this condition include limping, pain, and stiffness.

Some dogs must be put on weight loss pills to treat the symptoms. It’s essential to find the right balance between exercise and weight. Overweight dogs can develop arthritis and joint problems later on.

Respiratory Issues

As mentioned before, respiratory issues are one of the most common health problems for a fluffy Frenchie. The main reason for this is because of their short snout. This can cause them to have trouble breathing. In fact, some dogs have to be put on oxygen to help them breathe properly. If your Frenchie is having difficulty breathing, it’s essential to take them to the vet immediately.

Joint Problems

While many people think Fluffy Frenchies are little dogs with long legs, it’s the opposite. Their short stature makes walking difficult and painful joints for them to deal with!

Fluffy Frenchie Dogs suffer from joint problems because of their miniature size, which doesn’t allow sufficient space or movement to alleviate this discomfort.

One of the most common joint problems that Fluffy French Bulldogs experience is elbow dysplasia.

This is a condition where the bones in the elbow joint don’t form properly, causing pain and lameness.

Another common joint problem is patellar luxation. The kneecap pops out of place, causing pain and lameness.


One of the biggest problems that Fluffy French Bulldogs face is obesity. This is because they love to eat, and their metabolism isn’t speedy. Obesity can lead to several health problems, such as joint, respiratory, and skin problems.

To prevent your Fluffy Frenchie from becoming obese, it’s essential to feed them a healthy diet and make sure they get plenty of exercises.

Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome

This condition affects short-nosed dogs, such as the Fluffy Frenchie. It’s caused by airway obstruction, making it difficult for the dog to breathe. The main symptoms of this condition include snoring, loud breathing, and exercise intolerance.


One of the most common problems that Fluffy French Bulldogs have is eye problems. This is because their eyes are enormous and protrude from their head. This can cause dry eye, corneal ulcers, and glaucoma.

Skin Problems

Another common health problem for Fluffy French Bulldogs is skin problems. This is because their skin is fragile and delicate. They are also prone to allergies, which can cause several skin problems.

Some of the most common skin problems that Fluffy Frenchies suffer from include:

One of the most common problems that Fluffy French Bulldogs have is ear infections. This is because their ears are very long and slack. This can cause a build-up of wax and bacteria, leading to an infection.

To prevent your Fluffy Frenchie from getting an ear infection, it’s essential to clean their ears regularly and use a vet-approved ear cleaner.

Dental Problems

Another common health problem that Fluffy French Bulldogs suffer from is dental problems. This is because their teeth are very crowded, and their jaws are tiny. This can cause a build-up of plaque and tartar, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

To prevent your Fluffy Frenchie from getting dental problems, it’s crucial to brush their teeth regularly and use vet-approved toothpaste.


Bloat is a condition that can be life-threatening for any dog, but it’s hazardous for Fluffy French Bulldogs. This is because their stomachs are tiny, and their intestines are very long. This can cause the stomach to twist, which cuts off the blood supply and prevents gas from escaping.

Spine Conditions

One of the most common problems that Fluffy French Bulldogs have is spine problems. This is because their bodies are very long and their legs are very short. This can cause several issues, such as intervertebral disc disease and hemivertebrae.

To prevent your Fluffy Frenchie from getting a spine condition, it’s essential to give them plenty of exercise and keep their weight healthy.

Breathing Issues

Another common problem among fluffy Frenchie dogs is breathing issues. This is especially true for puppies. They often have a cold that lasts for weeks, and they breathe hard when they are having a cold. As such, they are prone to breathing problems.

Too much sun can also cause your Fluffy Frenchie to have breathing problems. As such, you are keeping them in the shade and out of the sun is essential.

Finally, you should invest in pet insurance for your Fluffy Frenchie. This will help you cover the cost of any unexpected medical bills.

When choosing pet insurance, getting a policy that covers all the potential health problems your Fluffy Frenchie could face is essential.

You should also ensure that the policy has no age limit and covers routine and emergency care.

What Is a Fluffy Frenchie Mixed From?

What Is a Fluffy Frenchie Mixed From?

Nothing! It’s Fluffy 100% with French Bulldog 100%. 

Fluffy French Bulldog is purebred Frenchies not mixed from or with any other breed. This makes them a rare breed, many people think Fluffy french bulldog is mixed from French bulldog and other fluffy breeds, but the truth is they came from Rare Genetic. 

Fluffy Frenchies are a rare breed of dogs. This means that it is challenging to find one. This is because there is no way to crossbreed the two dogs.

They look like a combination of French bulldog and fluffies but are different breeds. They aren’t mixtures. There is a reason why they look like a combination. That is because they are so similar to each other.

So what is the genetics that makes them?!

A Rare Genetic Mutation

Some dogs have weird coats, but this isn’t one of them. Fluffy French Bulldogs, or FFBs, are just one of those breeds that are known for their fluffiness. There are a few reasons that they’re named that way. One of the big ones is that their fur is exceptionally soft and plush. They also tend to have a lot of down or soft undercoats that make their fur extra fluffy.

The FGF5 gene (also known as the autosomal recessive gene) mutation was present in French Bulldog DNA. This is called a recessive trait, meaning the dog must have both copies of this gene to have this trait.

Because it’s recessive, some people don’t know this is a rare mutation, especially among dogs with similar coats. So when you see a French Bulldog with a fluff-like coat, you can assume he has a rare mutation.

The Fluffy Frenchie bulldogs have two french bulldogs copies of the long hair gene, called L1 or L4, and this is what causes their long and fluffy coats.

This gene is a mutation of the FGF5 gene, which is responsible for fur growth. The mutation leads to a longer and more abundant coat in dogs.

These dogs would have one dominant Sh gene responsible for the short coat and two recessive L genes. The two recessive genes are responsible for the long coat.

The only way to get a Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog is if both parents have the gene mutation. However, even if both parents have the gene mutation, there is no guarantee that all of their offspring will be Fluffy.

How to Care for Your Fluffy French Bulldog

To care for your dog, you must understand how your breed differs from others. Because of their size, French bulldogs require less grooming than other dogs.

Their coats are short and delicate, and they don’t shed. However, you must understand that Fluffy Frenchie needs more care because they have more coats

On the other hand, you’ll still want to give your fluffy french bulldog plenty of love and attention.

In addition, your Fluffy might be missing some teeth, or she might have trouble chewing certain foods. Be sure to discuss any problems with your vet, who can advise on appropriate treatments.

These dogs are also prone to heat exhaustion, so keep them cool in the summer. You’ll also need to provide your pet with plenty of water to stay hydrated.

This long-haired franchise doesn’t like being home alone for too long or being prone to separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a severe condition that can cause a dog to become destructive. If you think Fluffy is suffering from it, be sure to see your vet immediately.

Like other French Bulldogs, Fluffy Frenchies are relatively low-maintenance regarding exercise. A short walk or playtime in the yard should suffice. While most French Bulldogs enjoy walking, some can be lazy, so it’s essential to find an activity that your dog enjoys.

Training and Exercise Needs of A Fluffy Frenchie

Training and Exercise Needs of A Fluffy Frenchie

Fluffy French Bulldogs need plenty of exercise. They are high-energy dogs and will become destructive if they don’t get enough exercise.

A long walk or a vigorous game of fetch will do the trick. They also need plenty of playtime, providing them with a safe place to run around and play.

The long-haired Frenchie has the exact exercise needs as another short-haired french bulldog, but it also requires more time and effort to train.

The best way to train a fluffy Frenchie is with positive reinforcement methods such as treats and praise. Be patient when training your dog, as they may not catch on as quickly as other breeds.

Fluffy French Bulldogs are relatively easy to groom. The long-haired french bulldog requires daily brushing to avoid mats and tangles.

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It is also essential to keep their nails trimmed and their teeth clean. These dogs are moderate shedders, so regular brushing will help control the amount of hair that ends up around your home.

Fluffy French Bulldogs are generally healthy dogs. However, like all breeds, they are susceptible to specific health conditions.

Fluffy Frenchies brachycephalic breed does not require much exercise, but you should maintain your daily walk with your Fluffy french bulldog. A 30-minute walk is more than enough for your dog.

How to Prevent Your Fluffy French Bulldog from Being Overweight?

French bulldogs are prone to obesity, just like people. So, how do you prevent your fluffy French bulldog from becoming overweight?

The first step is ensuring your furry friend gets plenty of exercise. Taking a brisk walk or playing fetch in the yard are great exercises for French bulldogs.

You should also monitor your dog’s food intake. Avoid giving your French bulldog table scraps, and measure out their food, so they don’t overeat.

Talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned about your Fluffy French bulldog’s weight. They can help you create a weight loss plan for your furry friend.

Fluffy French Bulldog Cleaning and Grooming Requirements

Fluffy French bulldogs need to be groomed regularly. This includes brushing their coat and trimming their nails. You should also clean your dog’s ears regularly to prevent infection. Wipe their ears with a cotton ball dampened with a gentle ear cleaning solution. Finally, you’ll need to bathe your French bulldog regularly. Use a mild dog shampoo to avoid drying out their skin.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

After you’ve bathed your Fluffy French bulldog, dry them off completely. Their coat can take a long time to dry, so you may need a blow dryer set on low.

How Can I Keep My Fluffy Frenchie Clean?

One way to clean your fluffy French bulldog is to brush its coat regularly. This will help remove any dirt or debris that may have built up.

You can also trim their nails regularly to keep them short and free of dirt and bacteria. Wipe them out with a cotton ball dampened with a gentle ear cleaning solution to keep their ears clean.

Finally, you should bathe your French bulldog regularly. Use a mild dog shampoo to avoid drying out their skin.


How Big Is Fluffy Frenchies When They Grow Up?

Fluffy French Bulldogs are about the same size as regular French Bulldogs. They will grow to be about 12-16 inches in height and weigh around 25-35 pounds.

Is Fluffy Frenchies Hypoallergenic?

Fluffy Frenchies are considered to be a hypoallergenic dog breed, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Some people may still experience allergic reactions to them, even if they don’t have allergies to regular French Bulldogs.

Places to Find Fluffy French Bulldog Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Fluffy French Bulldogs are a rare breed and can be difficult to find breeders. you can check the above article to find good breeders.

What Are Long-Haired French Bulldogs?

A Fluffy French Bulldog is a rare breed that has a genetic mutation causing them to have more hair than a regular French Bulldog.

Long haired gene is the dominant gene, meaning that if one parent is long-haired, the chances of having a litter of long-haired puppies are very high.

The amount of hair on a Fluffy French Bulldog can vary from dog to dog, but they all have significantly more hair than their short-haired counterparts.

Is Frenchie Temperament a Good Family Dog?

Frenchie temperament is a good family dog because they are intelligent, loving, and protective.

Are Fluffy Frenchies Amenable to Air Travel?

Fluffy Frenchies are amenable to air travel.

Are Fluffy Frenchies Bark a Lot?